Monday, April 14, 2014

Skin Care Symptoms: Cancerous Mole Signs: Checkup At MoleMap

One should not take lightly when it is a question of skin cancer or a specific mole somewhere on the body. It must be brought to the notice of a learned medical attendant so as to get it examined and checked thoroughly. A group of experienced dermatologists along with a combination of 3 highly effective diagnostic tools are the strong points at MoleMap to ensure accurate diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer at an early stage so as to assure best possible treatment. Molemap goes for each case reported in a specialized manner with a mission of providing best of the services to its customers.

Melanoma skin cancer is among the most predominant type among various cancers that are possible to occur. Almost every 2 persons out of 3 are found to have symptoms of skin cancer by the age of 70. Main source of so high occurrence of melanoma skin cancer is higher sunlight exposure or rather the sunburn. The disease is hereditary also. In any kind of cancer it is a well known factor that an earliest possible diagnosis ensure quicker and permanent cure from it.

 It is very important to learn about Melanoma symptoms and the difference between men and women. Researchers have found out that men are more prone to Melanoma cancer as compared to women. One of the reasons that strongly indicate why men have higher chances of getting Melanoma skin cancer is their higher susceptibility or exposure. Men have higher rates of UV exposure because of their higher tendency for outdoor recreational and/or occupational activities that makes them more vulnerable towards spending more time in open as compared to women. That is why men have higher risk of acquiring sunburn and higher rate of skin damage that in turn causes long term impact.

Proactively protecting yourself is one of the best techniques to lower down the risk to acquire Melanoma skin cancer. Wearing hat and sunglasses to get relief from direct exposure of skin under sun and thereby lowering their risk of getting sunburn or sunbake. Men tend to care less towards them by preferring to stay in the shade like women. This clearly indicates that men have higher tendency to long duration exposure of their skin directly under sun as compared to their women counterparts. That is why as far as melanoma skin cancer is concerned, men have more chances of getting it than women. 

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