Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review: Angels Bidding by Sharon Short: A Well Twisted Mystery Novel

Angle’s Bidding (Patricia Delaney "eGumshoe" Mystery Series) written by Sharon Short is another successful and fabulous mystery book besides her many other hit mystery novels like My One Square Inch of Alaska that was released in 2013. The lead character in Angle's Bidding is Patricia Delaney, a consultant in complicated and unsolved investigations in the mystery cases that remain inconclusive for resolution and thus land into Patricia’s kitty for a solution. She has been handling such kind of cases not since last four years and is popularly marked as PI.

In Angle’s Bidding (Patricia Delaney "eGumshoe" Mystery Series) by Sharon Short, Patricia has to resolve a very complicated mystery about vanishing of an important associate of Kauffman Real Estate, a real-estate auction agency. Elsa is daughter of the owner of this agency and is also the business manager of her father’s real estate auction agency - Kauffman Real Estate. The case is to resolve the mystery of the important associate who has vanished out of blue and to find out a huge amount of USD 100,000 that has got stolen from agency’s safe. Whether both the incidents are related to each other or have happened independently, nobody is sure about it. But experience of Patricia denies accepting this in first go although many people around try to influence her to believe otherwise. Elsa turns to Patricia to get these mysteries resolved.

Character formation, plot and story of Angle’s Bidding (Patricia Delaney "eGumshoe" Mystery Series) by Sharon Short are excellently drawn so as to hook its reader to the book so deeply that it becomes difficult to stop reading once you start it. You keep getting more and more engaged in the story after finishing each page and turning to the next page.

The engrossing story of Angle’s Bidding (Patricia Delaney "eGumshoe" Mystery Series) by Sharon Short will make you run through various ups and downs topped with a number of interesting and enthralling twists that make this book to be eligible for a must-read mystery story. 
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