Sunday, March 02, 2014

Short Story: Waking Up From The dead And Watching How Life Unfolded Without Me

I was dead. It happened all of a sudden. I was not suffering from any disease. I was not even 40, to be precise was just 38 years 25 days and 2 hours. On top of it was a teetotaler. Being a top executive in a well known corporate, a complete medical examination from one of the premium diagnostic center was mandatory for me. And the last report that was submitted 2 months back had everything intact. No serious, in fact not even a minor deviation. And then this incident. I have never expected it to happen. Had I have a single hint of it happening, I would have finished some important things that I am repenting now; I also would have given all important insurance related information to Suparna, my wife from last 9 years. And probably some important handovers at office.

Suparna, the most beautiful woman on this earth, 5 years younger than me, is now preparing herself to manage Ajit, 6, our younger son, and Aparna, 7, our elder daughter. Ajit and Aparna are not too worried about my absence but are seriously observing a large number of people at home and continuously crying Suparna.

And now even after I have died, I have not got a proper place to settle. Soon after I died, I left my body that was taken by my family and friends and the last rituals were performed. I was made to sit in a vehicle that was similar to a UFO where there were so many like me. Someone told me that the vehicle will fly after an hour once all the collections have been done for the day. I was to be taken to Swarg (obviously for being an error free innocent guy for 38 years on earth). When we reached there, we found that there were only 50 rooms vacant whereas we were 51 in total. One of us had to return back. Nobody agreed as everyone knew that it will have to be without a body. Ultimately it was me who decided to return back.

It was evening time after three days of my death when I entered my home. By now I had learnt the difference between my earlier existence and this one. I understood that nobody now can see me, touch me or listen to me but not exactly the vice versa. I can see them, I can listen to them but I cannot touch them, even if I try. For instance if Suparna walks towards me and I towards her, we will cross each other crossing each other's body without the other knowing about it I am but I am not now.

Suparna is preparing dinner in the kitchen. Ajit and Aparna are sitting silently in the living room busy with toys and homework respectively. After an hour Suparna calls Ajit and Aparna to come to dining table for dinner. Suparna has put 4 plates instead of 3. Probably she has not been able to come out of the shock and has not been able to absorb the reality that now I am not with her. All of a sudden doorbell breaks the silence. Aparna runs to open the door and finds Rakesh standing there. She welcomes her Uncle Rakesh. Rakesh is the HR head of the company where Aparna works and is a family friend for long.

Oh, so the 4th plate was for Rakesh. Rakesh and 3 of my family sit together and start having dinner. Kids finish the dinner faster and go for hand wash. Suparna looks at Rakesh asking what is his final decision. I come near to understand what exactly is happening between the two of them. Rakesh stares back with stern looks into the eyes of Suparna and tells her final verdict that as long as keeping a relationship between the two of them behind the walls of their current existence, he is fine with it but no question of marrying Suparna. 

I was shocked to know. What was cooking behind me at my home, I never got a pinch of hint, ever. Suparna was as normal as before after listening to Rakesh's verdict. She stood up and went up to the refrigerator. And when she came back, she had Rakesh's favorite - butter scotch ice cream in the cup held  between her fingers. She passed it on to Rakesh. Rakesh took it silently and started eating it. With a concern in his eyes, he looks back at Suparna and tells her to understand the situation. It is too early for her to think of their marriage. After all it is not even a week that her husband has passed. 

Suparna bade farewell to Rakesh after the dinner, with a faded smile on her face but with stern and sparkling eyes. After he is gone, she sits on the site in front of side table in front of my 24 x 24 photo on the table. Two tears drop out of her eyes and she just says two 4 words to my photo - "I am sorry! Sujit".

Then she picks up her mobile, calls Rakesh and tells him - the poison I used for Sujit was very effective and efficient, the results of which are clearly evident now. And it was quite safe and foolproof too. She tells Sujit she put the same thing in his favorite Butter Scotch that he had half an hour before. And the same foolproof results will be evident in this case in next 5 minutes. She bade a final farewell to Rakesh. 

I was shocked - super shocked - first time in my life - and that too after my death. And so was Rakesh - just a little before his final moments. Probably now we would both together be travelling in that UFO type of vehicle for our last journey. Probably I would get a vacant room there now...


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