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Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C: A Journey From Someone Else To Shiva

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Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a debut launch by Tabrik C. There are 5 prominent areas that I would like to discuss about this book - Writer, Story, Writing Style, Cover, and Title.

Writer & Writing Style: It doesn't seem to be debut novel from Tabrik C. There are three things that matter most in the writer - one, the basic knowledge on the subject on which he decides to write on; two, well done research on the subject so as to make it a winner; and last but not the least, power of imagination. In all three sections Tabrik deserves full marks. The gravity with which the subject has been handled is marvelous.

Story: Fantastic story line and excellent amount of continuity maintained in the story throughout. The way story has been presented speaks loudly that writing is an art and every writer doesn't have the ability to carry it along with each and every word/ page of the book. Story is about Siddhartha Tagore and his tenure as Prime Minister of India during the period of merely 4 months - Jan 1st, 2017 to April 30th, 2017. But it is the life sketches of Siddhartha Tagore, Rubaya Jaykar Tagore, Karisma Jaykar, Kabir Jaykar, Gordon Thorburn, Gregory Templar, Rukmani Devi and many more. There is a character built prominently for each of the characters in mainstream of the story of  Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister. Few of the characters will remain for long even after finishing the book and so is true about the story.

There are 2 sections and total 79 chapters in the book. Each chapter is engrossing and intriguing. The story keeps taking you to background of 32 years back of Siddhartha Tagore when he landed in Harvard University for his degree in Classical Music in Mozart as major and Political Theory as minor. His roommate Gregory Templar is an orthodox guy who has an altogether different thinking style. Siddhartha meets twins Rubaya and Karisma there and also faces a flaw in his personality - bipolarity. An in depth talent in music, a rapid spark in energy at times leading him to some unnatural acts and falling in love with Rubaya were major that lead his life to a different direction.

There is a lot more than this in the book. Some great characters like Siddhartha, Ruby, Karisma, Nobel prize winner Rukmani Devi (Head of D School of Economics, Delhi University) and Kabir. And on the other hand there is a superb suspense about Greg and Gordon.

Overall it is the destiny that decides a lot in one's life. And it always has something unpredictable in its kitty.

Cover: Intrinsic and Instinctive touch in the cover that connects well with the title and story line.

Title: Title is something that forces you to think after you finish your read and probably then you come to know the exact meaning of the title. A single person becomes all the three in his lifetime Prisoner Jailor Primer Minister.

There are few book that I would love to read again... and again...

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C is one of those book that has got a permanent place in my personal library.

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