Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sorting Out Sid: An Exclusive Face To Face Interaction With Author Yashodhara Lal

Yashodhara Lal

A cool Friday, an invite from HarperCollins India for an exclusive book release and an interactive session with its Author. Five Bloggers in a meeting room good enough to accommodate 7-8 people were seated comfortably after a warm welcome. Arcopol, Ayushi and Shantanu (Managing Editor) joined us in the room and the suspense was disclosed about the book and the author. We were handed over "Sorting Out Sid" written by Yashodhara Lal (her first release Just Married, Please Excuse) has been a bestseller and in no time she has become a well-acclaimed author in the literary arena.

The eye-catching, entirely different kind of cover, was good enough to make us curious to know about the story, content, and plot. Two hours and a couple of Black Coffees were good enough to know Sid (the lead character) of Sorting Out Sid. Sid is a lively, active, extrovert, open and easygoing character. An interesting fiction story of Sorting Out Sid is about so many things happening in the life of Sid and how he manages to tackle each of the situation. Sid (Siddharth Agarwal) has been married to Mandira for 15 years and has reached the peak of his career at an early age of 36. He becomes a Vice President of its sales division and interestingly is termed as CTO (Chief Toilet Office) by his boss as the company is into the selling of toilet products.

The interaction was quite interesting when Author joined us. Wait till next post for interesting questions and equally interesting answers by Yashodhara Lal.

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