Friday, October 18, 2013

O Dear Delhi Just Listen To The Heart Of Your People

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Dear Delhi, you have been witnessed a powerful and magnificent history. So many generations have come and gone but you still stand with your grace and welcoming smile for all. You are so impartial to any caste, statehood, culture and religion that for you everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. You have a corner for everyone to get absorbed, breathe, eat and live here.

For years, changes have been happening in the capital of India. It cries when it witnesses wrong winning over the right, rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, when only two languages are spoken and understood here - one of administrative power and another of money. A policeman of whatever rank or position becomes a tail swirling dog in front of a powerful administrator here or if a bundle of rupees is thrown on his face, the powerful face like a lion's become a feet licking face of a pet.

It has witnessed the shameless faces of politicians who are VIP and always in the air after winning elections and prior to next elections. But the same politicians become your well wishers, pain sharer of the common men and most responsible person to take care of you. But, my dear Delhi, the same shameless faces are bargaining and cracking deals during rest of the period for whatever money they get for the welfare of this beautiful capital city. Instead of spending that money in maintaining the beauty, they keep filling their pockets and bank accounts overseas. Most of them are wolf behind the mask of a cow.

Whereas in other countries roads are built once on 2-3 decades, our roads just wash away in next 2-3 rains after they are newly built. Reason is very simple - 80/20. 80% of the money goes into distribution and 20% of the money actually goes into raw material and making of that road. How in such conditions it can survive.

Solution is very simple Delhi - give blessings and power to the common men living here so that they revive back their dignity and self respect; and capable enough to kick those administrators and politicians who act selfish and come for a favor during election time only but are invisible during rest of the period. Give power to your people that they can slap a policeman in open daylight if he is stopped driving his 2/4 wheeler and asked for a 100 rupee note instead of a genuine challan for a genuine irregularity so that money goes into government funds instead of his pocket for buying a quarter in the evening.

Give power to the woman of your city so that they feel fearless to travel, walk and talk anywhere, any moment of the day. O Delhi - just listen once to the heart of your people and kick on the face of the power that is looting you for years, and spoiling your dignity and respect.

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