Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review: Life And Death In One Breath By Sadhguru: Catch Every Moment As An Experience In Life

Book related to Religion and Philosophy usually do not have a plot, story, suspense, thrill etc. but such books make you talk to yourself, have a deep insight, perform an introspection and by the end you start finding much more known to yourself, nature, people around along with purpose and reasons of existence. One such kind of book is just released by Jaico Publishing House in September this year titled Life and Death In One Breath by Sadhguru. 

The biggest flaw in our lives is looking at Life and Death as two altogether separate entities. We start aspiring more for life and start running away from death. Both are seen as two extreme ends of a long rope. We fear that the moment life is lost, death grabs you. Since nobody who has experienced death is available to explain how it goes, it is only the learned few who achieve that state to experience both life and death and then explain the difference (or similarities) between the two. Sadhguru writes in this book that both life and death are two sides of the same coin. He asserts to take death in as welcoming tone as we accept life.

There are very good insights given by Sadhguru in Life and Death In One Breath on relationship. If it is body searching for a relationship it is termed as sexuality, if it is mind we term it as companionship, if emotions try finding out a relationship it is called as love, if this search for relationship goes with all your energies it is known as yoga. Whatever kind of search we opt for and for whomsoever, it is the fulfillment that we strive for in life, seeking something that we lack and find it in someone else.

Overall Life and Death In One Breath gives you answers of your so many Whats and Hows that keep floating inside your mind and heart. A must read for any seeker of replies to all such questions.
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