Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Top Stakeholders Of India Inc Elections 2014 Are Mum On Falling Rupee

There seems to be no bold leader in ruling Congress party who has courage to speak out with clear cut vision whenever there is a crisis in the country, and hence no mission to combat the crisis. Rupee is falling drastically and has touched new lows ever. Its impact is going to be of grave concern for business and consumer class in short duration that nobody is anticipating.

Manmohan Singh and team are doing hit and trial solutions in a very panicky way. Each solution is further impacting us globally taking Rupee further low. One voice that came recently from one of the ruling ministers is that there is no need to panic, it is wrong value that Rupee has taken against Dollar and it will get corrected soon. Worst thing is that Sonia/ Rahul Gandhi are totally mum on the situation and have vanished into their individual shells as usual. 

Best Rahul Gandhi can do is to visit a family living in a poorly managed hut in a remote village and have a bite of chapati with them. But point is Can it bring Rupee back to respectable value? If government is really worried about the situation they must understand that if all black money lying in foreign banks is brought back to the country and converted to white, it can do wonders! Nobody in power is worried about country or common man of India. Everyone is manipulating the best possible way to grab a seat in next elections coming up in 2014. 

Let one minister come forward and declare it openly. 
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