Sunday, August 25, 2013

Does It Really Matter To Us If An Innocent Girl Gets Raped In Our City?

We are not living to an extent where we really care for someone unknown to us. We are selfish people, living just for our own self. No matter what pain or torture happens to others, as long as our life is ok, we really don't care. But we are clever enough to demonstrate our sympathy or concern via some blog, tweet, fb post or elsewhere so that nobody blames us that we are disconnected.

But is that all what we CAN do? We wait for new channel or newspaper to get an update on the case. We discuss it among our friends/ family. We write few lines about it in a blog post. Whatever we do, generally the purpose or intention is not the real concern of the severity happened with an individual but to gain some credit for ourselves rather.

If you really do something different with a selfless motive, please do let me know...
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