Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Unforgettable Happiest Journey From Cairo To Alexandria By Pony Cart

Well it is not Gitanshu but me, who is insisting for this exciting and happiest journey from Cairo to Alexandria. Distance is merely 218 kilometers which is nothing if we don't choose this exciting form of journey. If we still decide to go by road, a drive via Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, it would not take more than 3 hours. Driving at 30-40 km or rather 50 km is an insult to this highway.. It has never been easier to convince Gitanshu to deviate from what he decides as per my experience in the past. He is like that only. We work for the same company for past 3.5 years and right now are in Cairo on a project - for construction of biggest mall in Cairo in April 2010. 

Gitanshu was a year junior to me in our engineering college. But he broke academic year record in his first year itself that was established by me last year. That became my admiration point for Gitanshu and probably he understood it right since beginning. We have to start our journey tomorrow. The owner of our, so called vehicle, finalized by me, is right down there parked on road, that I can see from my hotel room window.It is for the first time that I have been able to convince Gitanshu for this trip in an entirely different mode of transport. It is a Pony Cart that I finalized. The owner of this Pony, whose name is Toto, as told by the owner, is quite amazed for our trip by his Pony Cart. The deal has been finalized for 3000 Egyptian Dollars (one way) along with night stay charges extra for him and Toto. Food, on the way, in any case is extra for both of them.

Gitanshu is now convinced looking at this marvelous cart that our trip would be not be any less exciting and full of happiness than travel to space. What is your opinion on our well planned yatra from Cairo to Alexandria with Toto? Would you like to join two (or rather three including Toto) of us?

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