Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poetry: O Woman If You Had Wished

O Woman! If you had wished,
A thousand times more than the sun
Could have been your warmth,
A thousand moons would have been
seeking light from you.

If you had wished, entire universe actions
would have been subservient to you,
If you had wished, all creation
would have seized.

You're real You're firm
You know very well
You have enough power within you,
But you are still you

You only had to endure delivery of your womb
Every Turn
Males can grow to create your own Eater
Women like you are enduring a lifetime

If you decide once,
Not a single birth on this earth,
The universe will be standstill,
Till every man on this earth
takes an oath
never to repeat all the mistakes
being done
repeatedly and endlessly.
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