Saturday, June 29, 2013

Short Story: On A Rainy Day: God To A Woman

On a rainy day God knocked the door of a woman who was lonely, losing her husband recently, mother of a 6 months child but with a never dying attitude and a mission to provide the best of the world to her only child till he grows up and matures up to carve out his own path. She also had a hope that when her son grows up and stands on his feet, he would not forget her and throw her away from his life at the time when she would have grown old and would be needing someone to take care of her.

She knew that on the basis of her beauty, she could have got another life partner very easily, and probably a loving one too. But she never wanted to take a risk that an unknown person entering her life and not gelling well with her son probably would be an end of her happiness in life. And that is why she decided to take up every challenge of her life single handedly till her son grows up and settles down. With very restricted resources available in her life, she never complained God about anything and kept going and moving by putting all her best efforts only towards a solo goal of her life - her son.

God knocked at the door of this woman and looked straight into her wet eyes, telling her - "On this rainy day, I just wanted to tell you that I have always faced a tough war against you as far as rain is concerned. Whether it rains or not but I find your eyes raining all the time. A time comes when due to excess of rain people, feeling uncomfortable, start complaining; but the excessive rain in your life has never compelled you to complain to me about all hardship and pains in your life." 

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