Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review: 5 Gears Diet: Eat What You Want: Enjoy What You Eat: Stay Fit And Slim Forever

5 GEARS DIET Learn how to drive your body by Diana Artene is not for one timer who just wants to reduce his weight for some immediate purpose to attain. Rather is it for those who want to attain an ultimate of goal of staying fit without compromising with their diet. What this book teaches in a simple and perfect manner is how just by altering and managing your diet you can achieve not only immediate weight related goals but also your long term goal of staying fit and healthy.

Just relate 5 GEARS DIET Learn how to drive your body by Diana Artene with your driving skills. You might be very good at managing the gears of your vehicle you are driving on the road by knowing when to change the gear to control wear and tear of the vehicle, keeping balance on the road and also by optimizing the consumption of your fuel. But in a similar fashion not even 2% of those perfect drivers would know the same about their own body. That is how to control excess eating, how to balance life and keep yourself strong for a longer period. 

5 GEARS DIET Learn how to drive your body by Diana Artene is a fantastic guide starts with first gear making you consistent and comfortable in that zone and then prepares you to move on to next gear. It is a step by step, sequential way to attain a higher and consistent level in life where you are free to eat whatever you LIKE to eat and still keeping fit all the time. This book does not talk about what not to eat but what to eat you like but in a better way. You are not required to keep your calorie count, maintaining diet chart and referring to it before each meal, no forced and hard workouts, no barriers of having that food that you don't find tasty or don't like even to look at.

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