Sunday, May 05, 2013

Ignoring Gum Signals Lead To More Dangerous Impacts Than Breaking Traffic Signals

He was never bound to fear from rules and regulations. Right since his childhood he was outrageous, rule breaker and unorthodox. Things were our would have been good it all this had gone in positive but with the repeated prompting of his father and grandfather, he became very egoist, rude and adamant when for the first time his class teacher reported about him when he was in second standard in school. The class teacher specially came to Ravi's home to tell his parents about the strange thing she noticed about him that day. Ravi's mother got shocked when she got to know that Ravi was found smoking in his school during lunch time, along with his seniors. But this was too early to start anything like this. 

Mother tried to advise Ravi after his teacher left but all in vain since he had already started ignoring his mother and elder sister who usually tried to educate Ravi about value of good habits in life. But his father was far away from these things and never used to tell Ravi about adopting good habits in life. Initially for some time Ravi used to brush his teeth twice a day - once in the morning, once at night before sleeping. He also used to wash his mouth after every meal. But gradually he started getting away from these good habits in life.

When he was 10, his teeth started appearing pale and gums bleeding. His mother and sister told him to drop his bad habits and start brushing his teeth properly twice a day. Ravi did not pay any heed to it and kept going as it is. Today, by the time Ravi has reached to his early thirties, he has severe gums issues. He has already got two corner teeth detached due to formation of deep cavities. When he went to a good doctor, he was told that if he had come a few years back, his problem of Gingivitis, but that had further deteriorated to Advanced Periodontal problems and gradually he would have to lose his teeth in next 3-5 years.  

Moral of the story is Never ignore Gum Signals even if you are rude enough to ignore other signals in life.

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