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Author Interview: Roy Huff: Everville The First Pillar Free Kindle Promo And More

An update 22 August, 2014: Roy has recently republished all his books under 21st Century Lion Book through Amazon White glove program
He's also running a new Rafflecopter program on his website benefiting both EGPAF, Reading Rainbow, and public libraries world wide. The new links are below:

Why you don’t believe in making New Year resolutions?

People should make small goals throughout the year that are stepping-stones to larger goals. People should get in the habit of doing something and make it a matter of lifestyle.

You have a number of remarkable achievements under your cap. Can you elaborate some?

In addition to finishing a bestselling fantasy novel, I’ve been fortunate enough to finish five degrees, including two graduate degrees. I’ve worked on NASA’s GOES-R Proving Ground with the University of Hawaii as well as other research projects. Earlier in life, I completed a marathon and graduated Valedictorian from high school. I think my greatest achievement, though, has been able to reach out through education and teaching to other students and adults with the hopes of inspiring them to strive for greatness.

What is your philosophy of life?

Treat people the way you want to be treated, and be true to oneself.

Why even after so many achievements you still feel something lacking somewhere? What is that and how to overcome it?

As stated in my blog post, I am often given over to complacency and laziness. Occasionally, I feel like I’ve achieved a lot, which can sometimes lead me to slack off of my goals. I want to continue to push myself beyond what I myself think is possible. There are also things in my life, which I wish to improve in the short term.

Tell us about your childhood, early study days.

I grew up in extreme poverty. My father struggled with mental illness, homeless, and eventually died of AIDS. My parents separated when I was four years old, and I was subject to physical and emotional abuse. I was however, provided with a great support system from those around me, which helped keep me focused on my long-term goals. School provided an outlet as did science fiction and fantasy television.

Despite living in between criminals and drug users, you were able to keep yourself clean?

My long-term goal was to be a meteorologist, and I stayed focused on that goal by spending time on homework instead of hanging out on the streets or in the neighborhood as much as possible. 

What was your source of strength that kept you motivated during those bad days?

I had a good support system that I could turn too, good role models that I could emulate outside the home. 

In your opinion, why do people have wrong approach while attempting to tackle fears and challenges; or while pursuing their dreams and goals?

People need to create a path to a goal not just write the goal down. If they don’t create a path and do a little research on what that path entails, it’s easy to get discouraged. People also make the mistake of listening to those who tell them it’s not possible or the dream is unrealistic. By creating smaller goals that are stepping stones, it’s possible for even larger, seemingly unrealistic, goals to be achieved. 

Why, in your opinion, whether or not choosing to play the game at all is more important as compared to whether you win or lose, or how you play the game?

If you choose not to play the game, you are guaranteed not to win. How you play the game is a matter of debate, and despite the common perception, the rules of the game often change while you’re playing it. It’s important to be honest and have integrity, but it’s equally important not to give into crippling cynicism and guarantee defeat just because others around you may lack the character or desire to play the game. If you think the game is rigged, you stop any potential progress you may have in achieving greatness. A better approach would be to try and achieve greatness IN SPITE of the game being rigged. Also, playing the game, or setting goals for oneself, gives purpose and hope. Without purpose, people are often left to their own destructive vices and limit themselves despite having limitless potential. 

What are your immediate and long term goals?

I want to finish my series Everville and write a new time travel series. I also hope to work as a teacher and inspire students to pursue their dreams. I hope to improve my character and maximize my potential. 

Tell us about your writing and books.

I have had substantial experience with technical writing for my degrees, but I also feel I have a talent for creative writing. My desire and background in science gives me a unique combination to work with. I usually don’t have an outline, just a general concept of what I want to write; then, I just start writing. The hard part is finding the time to write.

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