Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Product Review: Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo: A Real Life Wifey Experience

Here is my wife's real life experience explained in her own words:

Bad hair days! Yeah, I used to have one everyday. I always wanted to get a miracle for my curly, entangled and bad looking hair. I asked all my friends, their friends and specialists on this subject around. All such efforts for a long time went in vain. I used all the means like pressing, chemicals and what not. This too didn't help too much. Even if it worked, it was for a short duration and thus was quite frustrating exercise. I was fed up of making rounds to the parlors every other day. Exploration of parlors, experts, magazines, internet etc. nothing seemed to work in my favor.Also the net effect was worsened hair texture. This was becoming a chronic issue for me for which I was not able to get a long term permanent solution with all efforts going in vain.

I desperately wanted a permanent solution to it all. Then one fine day I heard about Sunsilk Perfect Straight with an offer of a gift hamper from @sunsilkhairexperts. I thought of giving it a try though by now I was quite depressed in this respect and had almost lost all kind of hopes even while trying out big names in the market. Somehow the first look at product brought in a natural kind of confidence in me. I am not sure what could be the reason for that, but my heart told me, hey baby! here is something that is going to work for you. This is the one that is going to take all your chronic tensions away from you, for long, permanently. 

That short ray of hope and a voice from within did not last long, as soon as all the time spend for all those kind of experimentation struck back in my mind. The confidence that had sparked in my heart a short while ago fumed away with another thought of a useless effort which is not going to work for me, as usual.

Wow! today I am too happy to walk on this path of Sunsilk Perfect Straight. Sunsilk Perfect Straight has made my hair not just straight but has given a silky shine too, so effortlessly, and so permanently. The silky feel it gave to my hair is awesome. Now in the comfort of my home, and without throwing away a lot of money in the hair saloon, I get excellent results on my hair by using Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. At last I got rid of my bad hair days. A tension ridden beautiful face that had lost its grace due to those curly, entangled and non straight hair had got its smile, grace and happiness back, in a big way, in a permanent manner, seems as if, forever. This is what I was striving for, for so many years.

Thanks to Sunsilk Perfect Straight @sunsilkhairexperts.  
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