Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Review: Chankyas New Manifesto: A Golden Guidebook On Statecraft

If you are a blogger and are not connected to Blogadda, you are definitely missing out something important. This book came to me as a part of their book reviews program. Whichever part of the world you belong to, if you love your country, probably giving this book a try will be a good effort in many ways. The way author Pavan K. Varma has written this book Chanakya's New Manifesto to resolve the crisis within India will reflect two extreme ends with similar power and vigor. On one hand it reflects the pain that the author is suffering through in his heart because of downfalls and shortcomings in the system of this country that is eating away the economy, growth and prosperity. But on the other hand it suggests directions, path and measures to be taken to overcome it. It shows the depth and seriousness with which each and every aspect of India's perspective has been analyzed and the ways it has been intelligently correlated with the Chanakya's Arthashastra in current day scenario. 

The book Chanakya's New Manifesto by Pavan K Varma gives you intrigues you as you read it page by page thereby compelling you to introspect and analyze each and every situation of the country followed by correlating it with Author's point of view of connecting it with Chanakya's age old and probably world's first manual of statecraft - Arthashastra - India's one of the most respected ancient legendary manual that focuses on providing solution on multifaceted crises being faced by the country from various directions.

 In 1947 it was Indi'a freedom against external powers but a time has come when it requires a similar kind of liberation from the destructive powers spread within the country and what better than Chankakya's Arthashastra for reference to rebuild. This book provides a concrete plan and charter for getting India rid of selfish motives and corrupt politics and bringing out a totally CHANGED and TRANSFORMED India that can become an example for the whole world to follow. Almost all the major aspects of Independent India have been touched deeply beginning pre-independence era. 

In initial couple of chapters author has touched upon the crisis and its components that need to be focused, era of independence during 1947 and then post that era. It touches further upon the sensitive subjects like Governance, Democracy, Corruption and Security in a totally unbiased manner throwing light on both the sides of each subject - pros and cons. Nowhere it loses hope of revival of the country to back to historical days when it was rich and flourishing and was termed as Golden Bird. Author talks of the creation of an inclusive society that can help India in moving towards different direction and touching new heights. 

The in-depth insight along with micro analysis of the current stock of situation and then setting up directions and goals for reaching to an agenda of regaining superpower status is all this book will help you in achieving.

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