Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Review: Azad Is a Collection Of Short Stories With Mystical And Magical Realism

Azad a flight of desi fantasy written by Sanjiv Behera is a small book of less than 100 pages comprising of 6 short stories. I got this book autographed by the author under GoodRead's First Read program. All the six stories are uniquely peculiar in terms of imagination carved in them. Reader is taken on a flight full of imagination for each one of them but in a different direction. Sanjiv  created these stories for his kids and then decided to get them published as he found them worth sharing with his readers. His cultural mysticism and magical realism has given each story a different blend of colors.

Azad means free. These stories are about liberation or freedom of the lead character of each story from his or her life's confinements. Some invisible, mystical, and supernatural kind of force comes to help them in liberating them from their surroundings or circumstances that are making them bonded labor of life. Finally each of the lead character of their respective story is able to achieve something extraordinary and huge for which he or she was striving for throughout his or her life.

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