Monday, February 18, 2013

Aircel: A Little Extra Is Good Enough For Techies Game Lovers and Downloaders

As a normal human tendency we all seek something extra in whatever we get in life. Be it the time given by the invigilator for completing your exam or vegetable bought from the street vendor. We always wish if we had some extra time for completing the exam or if the vegetable vendor had given something extra along with the bought out vegetables, may be some green chilies, for that sake.

What would one wish if it is a mobile phone service provider. Well, there would be lot of things that you would seek for in lieu of the money you are paying for talk time, gprs, bundles sms or the speed. The priorities would vary from person to person but there would be all, few or most of the features one would ask for thereby justifying his investment (whatsoever little amount it be) and value for money got in return.

Aircel is offering something being termed as limitless - be it bundled sms, talk time, speed of internet, or downloading thus enabling you to cross your barriers and go free in terms of playing online games, sending text messages, having video chat, downloading movies or watching online movies, talking to your friends and so on... Keep going without any fear as there won't be anything extra that you will have to pay once you go for Aircel Pocket.

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