Sunday, December 16, 2012

Best Photos During 2012 In National Geography Magazine

1. This is the newborn baby of Aidyng Kyrgys who is caressing her in the picture. He named her as anayim meaning "my little goat" in Tuvanese. Tuvan is spoken by a small community in Russia.

2. This pic is of twin sisters Johanna and Eva Gill. Both are having mild autism, a genetic disorder, since birth.

3. Lasmina Lancu, 6 years is using her poor grandfather's kitchen as a dancing hall. Lasmine and her grandfather, Ion, live alone in suburbs of Buzescu Mansion whereas her mother works in Spain to run the house.

4. Emperor Penguins

5. One of the oldest Redwood of California covered with snow in the Sierra Nevada. This is one the rare having largest trunk going up to 247 feet.

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