Sunday, November 04, 2012

New Ways to Control All Your Home Gadgets

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is one of the major exhibitors at CES 2010, participating for 18th consecutive year in the show. The company plans to exhibit number of new innovative consumer control applications embedded with wireless RF technologies to prove themselves as the leader in control solutions for enhancing home entertainment audio visual control systems.
UEI, in technical collaboration with Broadcom, are about to demonstrate integration of infrared and Bluetooth compatibility with whole lot of entertainment devices at home. The existing entertainment devices at home are going to be connected via Bluetooth features in mobile phones, game consoles, music systems, set top box and so on.
A lot of rich integration applications in built for using infrared and Bluetooth features will be unveiled. IR, Bluetooth, WiFi and RF technologies are interfaced with PC-based applications such as Hulu and Microsoft latest operating system Windows 7’s Media Center features.
During this year’s CES, new dimensions are going to be set in integration of various entertainment devices at home. It will definitely give a new definition to the power of wireless technologies controlling these devices remotely.
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