Sunday, November 04, 2012

India and China to Face Severe Water Crisis by 2030: IFC Report

Population and Natural Resources have a direct connection. Even a country with high natural resources and high population will start finishing its resources at a faster pace. And on top of it at the time when the whole world is worried of resources and our future generations, the casual non-serious approach seems like a foolish person inviting his own death.
This is what has come out of the report conducted by International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a part of the World Bank, and backed by big business users of water warns that without global action, demand for water in 2030 will outstrip supply by 40 per cent.
The biggest problems will be in India and China, and without concerted action, India will not be able to meet half of its water needs by 2030. In neighbouring China, the problem is even worse, with demand expected to outstrip supply by 25 per cent. The report says the worst affected areas will be in developing countries where one third of the world's population lives.

So it is high time for developing countries to wake up, get into serious mode, chalk out some plans, and implement them to utilize water sensibly, stop wasting it and start conserving water. These countries should learn from countries like Australia in creating water basins and rationing of water.
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