Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cannes Lions 2012 Winner: JVC Choose Later Skate Ad

This advertisement for JVC won Cannes Lions 2012 Award. The advertising agency is Giovanni and DraftFCB from their Sao Paulo, Brazil office. Javier Campopiano is the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of this ad. Cassio Zanatta and Benjamin Yung Jr. are its Executive Creative Directors. Adriano Alarcon is its Art Director cum Copywriter. Zarella Neto is the Photographer who crafted it so well. The guys who gave finishing touches to the image are Paulo Rogerio and Rodrigo Cortez.

There are few brilliant messages this ad wants to convey and it does that beautifully. It can manage 130 shots consecutively. And the best part is that out of those 130 shots - the best of the lot. Did you get it?

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