Sunday, May 27, 2012

CSK Or KKR - IPL2012 Finals: CSK Finishes With 190 In 20 Overs

In the finals of IPL 2012, Chennai Super Kings won the toss and decided to bat first. Probably the decision was almost certain as was predicted in the article by Ravi Shastri that whosoever out of CSK and KKR wins the toss will certainly opt for batting first.

Michael Hussey was in full blow throughout his innings since he opened bat with Murali Vijay after fourth time finalist Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won the toss against the first time finalist Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Hussey was confident, bold and up to the mark in his batting. In 11th over when Murali Vijay departed at 42, CSK was well consistent over 8.5 runs per over of batting avarege.

Shortly, Hussey completed his half century. Suresh Raina joined in with a very aggressive mood. The moment he came on the crease, it was him who started showering runs all across the ground and soon was able to cross an average of over 9 runs for CSK along with Hussey.

Though KKR bowlers tried their best but could not fetch water out of barren land despite their hard work by Lee, Narine, Shakib, Abdulla, Kallis, Yusuf Pathan. None of the bowlers could exert pressure on CSK batsmen except Narine who sustained at 6 runs per over and Rajat Bhatia who was able to get the wicket of Murali Vijay.

Suresh Raina's rapid score made him reach quite near to Hussey. in 17th over both were at same score of 54. Raina was with 4 sixes and 3 fours in 29 balls, while Hussey was with 2 sixes and 4 fours in 42 balls. After Raina joined Hussey  on crease, the average was almost over 11 runs per over. Raina probably had made the day for Dhoni. 

in 17 overs CSK was 160 for the loss of 1 wicket. with Raina on 58 and Hussey on 54. First ball of 18th over of KKR got a wicket for Kallis in his last over in shape of Hussey at 54. It had to be Dhoni obviously to come on crease and join blasting Raina. 18 overs of CSK batting brought in 171 runs with the help of 2 quick fours by Dhoni in his first over facing Kallis.

Average so far was good and consistent 9.5 runs per over. 12 balls left for CSK and would definitely see them cross 200 runs. 19th over was Narine's last over and could fetch only 2 runs in first 3 balls; but on the 5th ball Raina could not wait and grabbed a six. 19 overs CSK was 192 for the loss of 2 wickets and definitely they were ready to cross 200 runs in their last over thereby putting a tough challenge for Gambhir and co.

It was Skakib Al Hasan opening his 3rd and innings' last over with a wide. Average 9.6 runs per over. 1 wide, 1 run, 1 run, 1 run, 2 runs, 2 runs and and the gifted wicket of Raina saw CSK closing on 190. 

KKR be ready to Roar and cross 190 to grab your well deserved Title.
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