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I'm Not Twenty Four by Sachin Garg - It Requires Guts to Stay 19 at 24

I'm Not Twenty Four... I've been nineteen for five years by Sachin Garg- book review

There is a kind of magnetism in I'm Not Twenty Four by Sachin Garg

The bold attitude of gen-y is reflected in I'm Not Twenty Four by Sachin Garg

I enjoyed reading this book titled as ‘I’M NOT TWENTY FOUR… I’ve been nineteen for five years’ authored by Sachin Garg. There is some kind of magnetism in the story. In fact, at times, you feel like not reading a story, rather feel like one of the characters of the story. It reflects modern era young generation having a bold attitude, ready to go to any extent but clearly setting the limits to their liberty without anyone else telling them to do so.

I'm Not Twenty Four by Sachin Garg - It Requires Guts to Stay 19 at 24

 I’M NOT TWENTY FOUR… is a story that revolved around two main characters of the book, Saumya and Shubhrodeep Shyamchaudhary. There are many more characters in the story that might not be having the lengthy appearance but have a strong impact. Sachin is a mastered in many aspects while writing a book. He knows how to characterize each entity of the story, how beautifully to explain about a location or a place, and how to create a continuous flow of the sequences so as to engross its readers into the story.

Soumya is a fresh management graduate from MDI and gets a job in a very good corporate group – Lala Steel Company, during campus recruitment. There is confusion at both ends – Saumya thinks she would be placed in one of the metro offices of Lala Steel Company, whereas the company’s HR department mistook her as a male candidate and placed her in their plant in remote areas of Karnataka in a village known as Toranagallu.

It comes as a shock to her when she comes to know about her job location. Equally, it was a shock for her manager who got to know that Saumya is not a boy when she has already been assigned a job of taking care of causalities and accidents in the factory. One day while her trip to Hampi she met Shubhro who is fond of beer, alcohol and weed. There developed some chemistry between the two when they started liking each other just when they met for the first time but neither of the two gave any indication to the other about it.

Saumya though smokes and drinks, is well within her limits as a professional and girl. Shubhro though smokes, drinks and takes drugs, is well beyond the character he projects about himself to the world. Shubhro is a well-integrated character, has MBA degree from IIM in Finance, who knows what he wants in life. He lost his mother the day he got his first job. And thus, he left the job. He took some time to understand what his goals in life were, but once he got clear about it, he was all into it with whole heart and mind.

Shubhro had a mission of not staying at a location for more than 90 days in any country. He is a sharp brain, strong willed, clear goals, and a solid mission. He gave a new meaning of life to many poor wherever he went and stayed. He also gave a direction to Saumya who was quite unclear about what clearly she wanted in her life. Overall it is a great story, especially as the story nears its end. It is a well-crafted story with a surprise factor for its readers while folding and unfolding many meanings of life, happiness, money, and desires.

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