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Check Your Heart Warmth and Life-o-Meter With Conversations

Read Conversations and Check your heart warmth and Life-o-Meter

Conversations let you check your heart warmth and Life-o-Meter

Reading Conversations with bringing you to a level to check your heart warmth and life-o-meter

When you read Conversations authored by Rajeev Nanda, it brings you to a level to check your heart warmth and life-o-meter automatically without you knowing it. Rajeev Nanda has done a commendable job by penning down an altogether distinct though process each one of us goes through during one phase or the other in our lifetime. While reading this book I felt bad almost every time I had to leave the book in between for one reason of the other. It was thoroughly engrossing irrespective of whether I was reading a one-page poem from ‘Conversations’ or a multiple pages story and equally thought provoking too. Each story and poem make you stop in between and forces you to think about a relation between you and the lines written in a verse of paragraph. Between the lines of each story, you start feeling as one of the characters of the story. The consequences are written so powerfully that at times you feel as if the words in front of your eyes are not merely words, they are happenings in real life, involving you as a part of it. And while reading it and getting engrossed in it, you will automatically be brought to a level when you can check your heart warmth and life-o-meter.

Check Your Heart Warmth and Life-o-Meter With Conversations

Kudos to the style and art of writing of the author of this book, who it seems, has lived each word and the line he has penned down. Otherwise, how is it possible to so superbly, differently and lively. There is a ray of hope, a promise of betterment, a packet of positive energy that you get while reading the book. Probably many would read it again, and again, to grasp the ultimate essence of the work and its depth. It is like a drop of honey, the more you taste, the more you aspire to get. The book has many pointers, but all point towards only one person – You. It forces you to think, to shake yourself to awaken your inner self, to talk within, to talk to ultimate – the God, to talk to nature, to get reenergized and refreshed.

Conversations start with a lovely poem – ‘I Have’, differentiating between what we have in life and what we need (or miss). ‘Splinters’ is a thought-provoking story where the author encounters life with two faces – a young little girl, and an old lady; probably denoting the beginning and end phases of life. the young little girl is selling dreams of your choice to you in lieu of nothing but a promise to put all your energies to make it a reality. The conversation that happens between the little girl (life) and the author seem so simple but yet carrying so much of depth in it. The crux of the story is that life is same for each one of us and it is our perception that makes it different for different persons.
Check Your Heart Warmth and Life-o-Meter With Conversations

‘Tete-a-Tete’ is another fantastic story about a serious conversation between a well-matured man named Roy and the God. The story clarifies the role of each one of us in life on this earth that we should play rather than keep expecting others to act or blaming God for things not happening in our favor. We are the creators of situations – whether good or bad in life – and when it is not in our favor, we start blaming God. ‘Introspection’ – is another lovely poem that probes you somewhere inside telling us what we do and what we need to do in life.

‘Soldier’ is probably one of the best stories in this book. It is a big satire on politics of any country depicting how wars are a big waste of humankind based on the desires of some handful of politicians and their aspirations who themselves never participate in any of the wars but let thousands of soldiers die without any useful purpose. ‘The Taxi Ride’ though may appear to be a light story but if is read carefully opens so many new ideas in mind. While reading I was thinking that each of the stories is a complete fit to be a screenplay to become a hit movie.

Each story or poem is a clear cut message for each one of us and is not recommended to be missed. It helps in talking within, in icebreaking, in de-freezing and getting out of our shells to look at things in our life with an altogether different perspective. Each of the story or poems can be read as many times as you want and I can bet that every time you are going to get a different message from it, a different perspective about life, a new pack of energy and an extra bunch of love for yourself and people around you. All the work done in this book is beyond boundaries or nations. It relates to any country, any person, and any situation.

‘Darkness’ talks about life, spirit, and body; and also, about a deep connect among the three. It is a lovely poem. ‘Snowstorm’ is also a story that touched me somewhere reminding about a similar kind of incidence years back when I was in France. This is not all; there is a lot more in the bag that I have left for you to explore. But take it for granted, wherever you are in whatever age slot, you are bound to get from each word you read in this book that has come straight from the heart of the writer; much more than you would have expected ever.

Do read the book and you will be happy to reach a different level where you can check your heart warmth and life-o-meter.

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