Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vedanthangal - a Paradise near Chennai

Vedanthangal is a locality out of chennai and is towards south of chennai. birds are lured by the waters and the plantation around. The temperature at that time suits the birds and hence they reach the place.

Vedanthangal, a few kilometers (around 30 Kms) from Chennai is a spectacular water bird sanctuary that is being taken care of the local people for several years. This bird sanctuary has a special place in history of Ornithology, because birds not only visit this place or migrate for a while, but there are some very rare birds that live here.

Most Ornithologists have shown interest in this place and visit the areas almost every year during the November- December season. With the Marghazhi Masam or one of the coolest of Tamil months in the Tamil calendar, the place is filled with different kinds of birds from all over the world. Water birds like herons, cormorants, darters, ergets, open billed storks etc. are a common sight until mid of March.

These visitors to the country come right after the monsoon here and rest until their biological clock takes them back to their homes. Some birds like the grey pelicans are a rare sight and these are found quite in number at Vedanthangal. Despite its national importance, Vedanthangal is mostly neglected by the Government, localites prefer to invest their time and efforts to keep the place clean and host the guest birds every year. Environmental pollution is another deadly curse on places like these because some of the birds like grey pelican do not make it to vedanthangal every year.

Pollution of the city adds to the misery of this beautiful place. It is also important to mention that Adyar Estuary towards Marina Beach was also once a bird sanctuary and now a dirty spot where you wouldn’t even find a few black ducks. The Government has taken notice of this after a long time and now seems to have taken steps to clean the Adyar river that flows down the Adyar Bridge. Vedanthangal – You must make it sometime between November December.

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