Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Facebook Users Factsheet Country Wise | Webupon

Country wise if we look at the user’s volume, United States lies on top with 143,583,400 numbers of registered users. Indonesia comes at number two with 30,108,220 numbers of users. Third place is taken by United Kingdom with 28,413,560 numbers of users. Fourth Place goes to Turkey with 23,313,440 registered numbers of users. Fifth place is with France with 19.755.460 users.

Sixth place is taken by Philippines with 18,124, 220 users. Seventh place goes to Italy with 17,309,580 users. Eighth place has been taken by Canada with 17,207,140 users. Ninth place is taken by Mexico with 16,975,220 users. And tenth place goes to India with 15,402,180 numbers of registered users.

Read more: http://webupon.com/social-networks/facebook-users-factsheet-country-wise/#ixzz14mKM0ALm

Facebook Users Factsheet Country Wise | Webupon
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