Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Female Condom – A Costly But Natural Sex Affair

A couple, so far, had a choice of either oral sex or use a male condom when they wanted to enjoy sex and the female doesn’t want to conceive. But now, courtesy US Health department, an extra choice is there with the female – to use a condom made specifically for her – a female condom. It also gives an advantage when the male condom is not handy, to use a female condom instead. US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) gave a green signal for female condoms way back in 1993, but to no avail, as it never came into practical existence. It could be due to its technicality, usage or cost issue.

USFDA further approved another improved version of female condoms in 2009 but still the issue raised was that they are quite bulky, made noise and are not economical. A health advocate trying it several times for the purpose of arriving at a conclusion regarding its usage, felt initial discomfort in inserting the condom inside her vagina in front of her counterpart, but after insertion she said it was absolutely ok for sex.

When time comparison is done for wearing male condoms versus female condoms, it is very less seconds versus few minutes. Another issue is that of external wearing versus internal setting of bag. This is the conclusion made by one of the certified sex therapist in Los Angeles.

On the other hand a lady from Michigan found it more comfortable, natural and enjoyed sex more than when her boyfriend used the male condom. But the couple decided to use female condom only for the special occasions because of its higher cost.

The health department is promoting it for the sake of providing precautionary measures for females against HIV/AIDS. A Health coordinator ensures that proper training is required to remove the feeling among female community regarding its complicated usage.

Finally, in my opinion, it is a battle between protection versus comfort of usage, enjoyment versus discomfort, and risk versus its mitigation. There have been instances in the past when male condoms were not able to protect sperm leakage 100%, but this could be a foolproof solution.

It could meet with an initial resistance from female segment but eventually looking at the security front, the mindset may change gradually. If we do a cost comparison it is for male condoms in lieu of a female condom. If we do a cost comparison it is 4 male condoms in lieu of a female condom.
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