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Heavenly food delivered to your Doorstep in Jaipur

Jaipur is popularly known as Pink City. The name emerged during the visit of Edward, Prince of Wales. The regime ruler at that time, Sawai Ram Singh ordered the whole city to be painted in pink color. Most of the government and monumental buildings are still in pink there. Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan. It is also the state capital. Having a great history, it is quite popular among tourists from within the country and abroad. Some of the famous places to visit here are Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Govind Temple, Rambagh Palace, Birla Mandir and many more. Once you visit this place you are bound to fall in love with it. The city mesmerized me when I visited for the first time many years back and after that it has been a weekend routine for me.

As a regular visitor to this place at least once a month I ensure to stay in the city for 4-5 days on every visit for last so many years. When I stay at my relatives place, being a big foodie, I ensure to order food online in Jaipur. Over this period of many years of my visits in Jaipur, I ensure to explore as many good restaurants where you get the best food. Jaipur is not only famous for forts and temples but is also known for the best Rajasthani food here. Basically, most of the tourists planning to travel to various cities in Rajasthan prefer to land to Jaipur as their starting point. While entering Jaipur city, you can find many well-known restaurants. Many people prefer stop at these restaurants to takeaway in Jaipur while entering into the city or while leaving the city.

You can order food for home delivery in Jaipur from most of the good and known restaurants. One thing is sure, if you have not tried the food in Rajasthan, try it once and you will become its fan for the lifetime. Besides rocks, meenakari, jewelry, pottery, forts, and temples; food in Jaipur also has established its own identity that is bundled with all kind of facilities and tastes. 

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#BloggerDreamTeam : Technology Has Pulled The Game Of Cricket Across The Boundary

Technology has always been a boon as long as it is used for mass benefits and assisting in the correctness. Technology in cricket has changed the overall scenario worldwide. It has not only helped in personal growth of a player in his or her field but also in providing real time accuracy in decisions and analytics. The life has changed tremendously if we compare the era when cricket was born and the modern times. A huge evolution has taken place during all these years.

If we look back at the era when we had manually maintained scoreboards in the stadium, a number of persons were required to stay behind tall scoreboards to control the whole mechanism. If there were two boards on the opposite side of the stadium, higher number of persons were required to stay behind. And there used to be confusion when the different boards displayed different scores. Then came the digital boards controlled through a single device say a laptop. Technology has brought tremendous benefit to the game, players, umpires, governing bodies and viewers. Records and statistics of players do not carry any ambiguity now. A quick and crisp analysis is possible for any team, player, empire, and ground or even on the weather conditions irrespective of whether required for one year, ten years or decades.

Simulations and bowling devices  with multiple options and high level of refinement has helped players to improve their game by practicing as per the format of the game they are going to play – be it a bowling, wicket keeping, fielding or batting. Technology has also helped players and empires to analyze their performance post game by reviewing it. High-quality digital displays, quick and multiple analytics and the accuracy level keep viewers intact in the game. Definitely trust level in technology has increased tremendously. A technology like Snickometer that was invented by Allan Plaskett is used to help third empire to adjudge if a nick claimed by fielding-team against the batsman is true or false. The technology used here comprises of a minute but strong and powerful microphone that is planted near the stumps. The sound is analyzed that helps in deriving at a right conclusion. This has definitely improved the quality of game and confidence of players and viewers in the game.

Same goes for the Hot Spot technology used to identify if ball has hit on the bat, pad or body first to assist in providing accurate decision against a batsman. Technology used here comprises of two minute IR (infrared) cameras that are planted just above the ground on opposite sides so as to have proper coverage. Hawk eye tells about the trajectory of the ball and to ascertain if the decision given by an empire for leg before wicket against a batsman was accurate of not. The micro cameras plastered on the stumps help in deciding for run-outs.

Some more worth mentioning technologies used are Speed Gun, Gator Monitor, and Dart Fish. Speed Gun is used to measure the speed at which a bowl travels after a bowler throws it towards the batsman. Gator Monitor measures the heartbeat of a bowler or for that sake any player. Dart Fish is almost similar to Hawk Eye.

Now definitely we can vouch that technology has been a big boon for the quality of the game, satisfaction of players, empire’s decisions, transmission and delivery; and viewers’ level of enjoyment.

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@VanHeusenInd : Just Go For MYFIT And Fall In Love With Yourself

Think about the two prominent trends all these years that we have been seeing when it comes about apparels. Years back there was no concept of online stores. For any new requirement of your shirt or trouser, you used to visit your known tailor to hand him over the unstitched fabric you purchased from a fabric shop in the market. Then a new trend came where you could visit a suiting and shirting store in the market, try an already stitched shirt or trouser and purchase it.

In the former case, you had an option to specify your exact requirements regarding the collar, arm sleeves, cuffs etc. to your tailor and he would stitch it as per your specifications. But how many times did you face dissatisfaction after you visited your tailor on the said date to collect your stitched material and found it lacking on some front or the other? In this case, you were filled with a lot of anger and dissatisfaction but there was no way of getting it altered completely (though minor alterations were always possible). This dissatisfaction tagged along with that particular shirt or trouser whenever you wore it and definitely it used to nip your confidence. You always felt that something missing while you were wearing that particular shirt or trouser.

In the latter case, when you used to visit a store selling readymade garments, you must agree that you never got a perfect fitting, style and features as per your individual needs. Most of the time, you had to compromise with one or many of the features, like color, collar style, cuffs' style, pleats, length, width, fabric used etc. If the color was fine for you, the waist was slightly loose, if the fitting was suitable, the color of your choice was unavailable and so on. At times you had to opt for one alteration, another alteration, and multiple alterations followed until you finally received a piece that you could afford to wear, but it never gave you satisfaction as was in the former case.

Then came the third generation of the apparel industry that provided you 'online apparels'. You could visit any online apparel store, select your size, select already stitched stuff and place an order by paying online or COD (cash on delivery) or opting for any other payment mode. But still, the stitched apparel that you received either didn’t match exactly with the color you had finalized or the design or the size. Then you had to opt either for another round of sending it back for alteration or getting your money refunded, in case you were not at all satisfied. The multiple number of transactions created lot of dissatisfaction, insecurity, and hassles. Still, there was no solution that could satisfy each and every person to receive a stitched product that could provide hundred percent satisfaction. We all know the amount of satisfaction that a garment provides is directly proportional to the level of confidence that we carry while we flaunt it.

Then came the fourth generation of styling – a combination of online and offline – taking the best from both the philosophies – and building a scientific solution that fits in for every individual with the assurance of hundred percent satisfaction, perfect style, design as per your individual need and fitting well. If each individual gets it, it is definitely going to give complete satisfaction and hence a confidence – to its fullest – that was missing so far in life. This scientific solution is MYFIT and it has been introduced by Van Heusen. It could not have been any other store than Van Heusen to be able to provide us, this revolutionary solution.

My experience of getting my first set of shirt and trouser with this innovative concept of MYFIT introduced by Van Heusen has been excellent. I will explain the offline and online components so that the why and what of the importance of each activity in this complete process or ordering, procuring and then enjoying it for life with complete satisfaction, is elucidated.

First I had to visit a Van Heusen MYFIT store in my city. The complete list of stores and their location can be found here. On my visit to the store, I had a very warm welcome. I was explained well regarding the concept of MYFIT and how it works. First it was the concept that was explained. There is a particular need for each individual as far as fitting, style and satisfaction are concerned and due to a mismatch in the industry so far, it was never able to achieve hundred percent satisfaction for an individual. There are more than hundred fabrics to select from. Within six fits, you can find thirteen sizes, which assures you a perfect fit, customized for you and delivers to you, a hundred percent satisfaction. The sleeve options lie between half sleeves and full sleeves with three different options of sleeve size. Similarly, collars offered two options – half cut and mandarin style. Each style of sleeve and collar was first shown to me in a catalog with swatches and then it was digitally displayed on the desktop stationed there for the same  purpose.

So far, I was quite impressed with the six fits – Athletic, Custom, Plus, Sim, Healthy, and Tall. The waist size 40, for instance, is available in each fit variant, but the most interesting part is to understand which option you fit in. Probably this is going to be quite a knowledge gaining session to understand your own self - someone you never knew before. After the selection of fabric and style, I was given the corresponding size shirt and trouser to try. The MYFIT store assistant helped me in gaining some insights about myself. The trial of shirt and trouser and some discussion among my family and the in-store personnel helped us in zeroing in on the style, size, and fabric most suitable for me. The interesting part was that during this tenure which I spent there in the store, many people were being attended in parallel by other MYFIT assistants and they were also as impressed with the concept as I was.

It is really worthwhile spending time there in the store and it will be only for the first time you will be spending so much time. For your next orders, you just need to specify the choices finalized in your first consulting session. To clear off the unsettled doubts I was carrying in mind, I decided to order for one trouser and one shirt and once convinced, I thought, I would place the order for the rest. In fact, the attendant also suggested the same as probably he had read my mind. By now I was clear about the size, category, sleeves, collars, and fabric. The attendant now took me to an online portal to take me to a walkthrough of the same process that we had discussed so far. I was given the item codes for both – shirt and trouser – which I had finalized. The next part of the game was to happen in two ways – either you place your order online with the finalized garments – there and then – in the store; or the store's attendants were willing to provide me with a portal link which I could visit on my own and order online. The payment options are as simple and plain as it can be. And after receiving your stitched products, you can seek a refund in case you are not satisfied, which probably has the least chances to happen. Because the first and last motto of this new concept is to provide complete satisfaction.

You get an information of your confirmed order by an email and sms. The stitched shirt and trouser would be reaching me within the next 5-7 days, the email and message informed.

There are certain golden points in MYFIT from Van Heusen. If, in the worst case, you are totally dissatisfied with the stitched garments delivered at your doorstep, you can seek an unconditional refund. Otherwise, if there is a need of some slight alteration, just visit your nearest store and get it altered. But, there is a third facet in this scientifically designed concept and that is – you are bound to get your shirt and trouser fitting so well that you fall in love with it. This option is bound to exist substantially since the concept is so fool proof. As is clear from above, the concept of MYFIT is not a customization process, neither is it made-to-measure kind of solution. Rather, it is an innovative concept that helps you to find the ‘right you’ from among the many available options.

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Short Story: The STRANGER Whom I Can't Forget! #TheStranger

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"Hello!" he said with a stern tone and piercing look into my eyes, "What are you planning to do? I don't think you will be able to face yourself in the mirror next time if you steal,". I had a shiver flowing top to bottom, legs quivering and bending as if someone had squeezed the life out of them. I felt as if I will fall down if I don't hold something quickly. A sense of guilt puked out of me. I was about to pick that magazine from the counter and hide it under my shirt. The counter guy had gone to the nearby chemist's to get some medicine for his upset stomach. I being a regular customer, he requested me to stay for ten minutes at the counter, till he comes back. This was the magazine, comics and newspaper shop I was visiting for last three years when I was in my fifth standard. Taking my favorite comic books on rent was my regular routine. "Remember always that when nobody is watching you; God, You and me are there," he was smiling now while whispering these words in my ears.

I had tears in my eyes, my face reddened with shame. I anyhow managed to say "Thanks!" when I saw the counter guy entering his shop. His face was still in pain. Probably his upset stomach had not reached an extent of relief. 

"Whom were you talking to?" he asked. Probably he had heard me saying "Thanks" to the stranger who, I found vanished all of a sudden, the moment counter guy had entered the shop. To avoid the situation, I said - "Nobody, I was just singing a new song." 

That day onward, whenever anything lucrative, like the comic book that day, fancied or provoked me to do something wrong, I remembered those words the stranger said. I always felt as if he was there, around, wherever I went. Thanks to the STRANGER I can't forget because he gave me a lesson of my life. Had he not been there that day to alert me, my life would have taken a wrong turn. He simply conveyed a lot in so fewer words.

Author Interview: Martha Char Love: I Am A Triple Scorpio, Sun, Moon And Rising Signs All Scorpio

Martha Char Love retired to Oahu, Hawaii, in 2008 and immediately upon first laying on the sandy beaches decided to use her leisure time to begin her writing career. Three years later, she published as a co-author with her colleague Robert Sterling, a book that introduces a new gut psychology called What’s Behind Your Belly Button? It is a narrative of the maturation of sciences of psychology and neurology that explores gut feelings and is based on their lifetime career experiences as guidance counselors, educators, and school psychologists. Since that time, she has also published a cookbook called Mom’s Island Bakens to help people improve their lifestyle choices for healthy eating. Presently, she is working on co-authoring two other non-fiction books—Maggie’s Kitchen Tails as well as a second book on gut intelligence.

Your real name and pen name?
Martha Char Love is my real name and the name I use in writing by books. I have a nickname, Silver, which I often use in my blog and some past psychological professional journal articles are written as Silver Love. I also contribute authorship to the books that my husband writes under the pen name of The Silver Elves. In these books (we now have 32), we write about magic and enchantment and the Elven Way.
Please share some of the best memories of your childhood
It was common for my family to move, as my father’s company business transferred him to many places. I loved the experience of starting over in a new town or even on a new block in the neighborhood. My favorite memories are of being with the family, both immediate and extended, because the family was my center of life. I was never anywhere long enough to be rooted in any community other than my own family. So my sister and cousins were my lifetime friends. Although, I will add that I loved all the towns I lived in as a child: Mobile. Alabama for it’s ocean nearby, great seafood, and little Mardi Gras; Jackson, Mississippi for it’s whippoorwills and sweet watermelons on a hot summer day; Little Rock for it’s many squirrels and its fishing lakes nearby; and Atlanta for its trolleys, beautiful trees and big houses.

About your education
In 1968, I received a BS in Elementary Education and in 1970 an MA in Educational Psychology, with a 5th-year certificate in Psychometry in the School Psychology department at the University of Georgia. Serving as a full-time counselor/instructor in the '70s and early '80s, I worked as both a career counselor and instructor at Meridian Junior College and later in a large progressive community college, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), in Gainesville Florida, followed by work as a licensed School Psychologist for the Alachua County Schools K-12. In 2005, I received an MA in Depth Psychology and continued the study of the intelligence of the gut instinctive response in a research study at Sonoma State University (SSU) in Rohnert Park, California. In 2008, I received a PMA in Art Therapy as I continued to study somatic responses.

What career did you plan during your education days
I honestly had completely different ideas while studying in school than what I eventually ended up doing. Originally, I planned to only work in the public schools with children but ended up being a college professor and counselor for most of my professional career.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
I would say that my mother, Martha Campbell Whitenton, was my greatest inspiration. She inspired me from the very beginning of my life and throughout it to become highly educated and be all that I could be. She loved me unconditionally and believed in me and thought I was special, as she did both of her children, her three grandchildren, and her great grandson. She encouraged me from very young and inspired me to be a teacher and to help others believe in their own ability to learn and grow and find fulfillment in a better life. As a teen in the early 60s, I watched her develop a literacy program for the entire city of Mobile, Alabama, of which she did not get the credit. I remember some man coming over once a week to pick up all the paperwork she had developed on the project so he could turn it in as the administrator. I thought this was wrong that she was not mentioned in the credits for this important program. But she did not care about the credit because she only wished that all people would have a chance to learn to read, no matter who they were, how old they were, how rich or poor. Her dedication to caring about people having the opportunity to learn inspired me beyond any theories I was told or books I read in college where I went to train to be a teacher. It was her inclusive nature and love for all people that became my lantern of hope and guidance. She was a true liberator of human beings and we are all grateful for her beautiful footprints to follow.

My mother Martha Campbell Whitenton 
May 23, 1921—January 5, 2014
What hurts you most in this world

It pains me to see intolerance of others’ choice of religions or non-religion, customs, racial and country origins. I love individuality and diversity of people and find liberty to be the most precious gift of all right next to unconditional love.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
At 6 years old in 1952, I was quarantined for about a month with Bulbar polio (the especially fatal type of polio) at Grady Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, before being moved to Emory Hospital where I was in a children’s ward with other polio victims. And that month in complete quarantine, I did miss my parents and sister as I could see no family members, but I knew they loved me and I always thought I would see them as soon as I was well. I did not ever feel alone as the nurses and doctors at Grady Hospital where sweet and attentive and like my extended family. My dominant feeling was one of gratitude because the care I was given was so special. The nurses particularly were like angels and they came in my hospital room around the clock. They were so sweet and kind that I did not even mind that they gave me 7 shots a day.
The real challenge came after I left the hospitals and was in recovery at home. For several months, I was in a wheelchair and it took a couple of years to gain my strength back. It was in my neighborhood that I met with bullying and was beaten up by older children who did not like me “the cripple”. Now if you are reading this and about to feel sorry for me, please do not, because this challenging experience was my most important teacher in life. Because of this insidious bullying, I saw at a very early age how ignorant and hurtful it is to be prejudice against someone because of their physical condition or appearance. This was a notable truth that propelled me into viewing the distastefulness of the discrimination against the African American people all around me in the “White” world in which I was born in, which had still segregated Black and White cultures. I identified with how African American people must feel being discriminated against for a physical race and felt compassion for them in a world in which I was being influenced by others to separate Black and White people and cultures. It was this eye-opening truth at an early age due to the discrimination against me as a crippled child that helped me to see all of humanity as a human family and to be more inclusive than I was being taught and modeled to by my culture.
So you see, I am very grateful I was given this challenge. Perhaps no one challenge in my life has contributed more to my passion to understand and write about gut feelings and the common feeling consciousness of humans that connects us as one family. While we can all think many different thoughts in life, our gut feelings connected to our inner human needs are the same for all human beings. We all need acceptance, attention and love, and we all need freedom of our own responses to life. Being Loved For Who We Truly Are is a basic human need and how well this need is met from moment-to-moment is recorded in our gut feeling intelligence and memory.

What is your favorite genre and why?
I love to read and write non-fiction and particularly in the field of psychology.
Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?

What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the
Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct 
 I co-authored this book with Robert W. Sterling, my colleague and friend of over 40 years. It is not only a book that people can use as a self-help guide but it is also meant for professionals and students in Psychology and Neurology who are interested in new research on the gut instinctual response, the intuition, and a hopeful image of the human species that takes in account the new medical breakthroughs concerning the relationship between the head and gut brains, or the "second brain" (the enteric nervous system). We include a complete protocol for the Somatic Reflection Process that we created and some of our verbatim counseling sessions with people using this process on gut feeling responses to unite the body-mind and assist in healthy life decisions.

I have also written a cookbook Mom’s Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes For a Happy Gut and a Healthy Heart. The recipes that I have included are from my personal collection that I have created over a 40-year span of time and that I refined to healthy versions for gut and heart over the years, reflecting modern knowledge about excellent nutrition and well-being. In reading this cookbook, you will be given cooking tips throughout that will help you become a skilled and creative cook with gut and heart health in mind. Once you have learned these 50+ recipes, you will have not only a great daily diet, but also the ability to make up your own variations of a large selection of types of dishes and alter any recipe you find on the internet or otherwise into a healthy but very tasty version of your own that will serve your own dietary needs.

What are your forthcoming writings?
Presently, I am working on a second book with my colleague Robert Sterling. This book will address questions that our readers have asked us in emails and messages as they read our first book, What’s Behind Your Belly Button? We do not have a publication date but I am thinking it should be out by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.
I am also working on a dog food cookbook named Maggie’s Kitchen Tails with 3 other authors, Doug and Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins and Linda Hales. It will be published on October 31, 2015. We will have a collection of original healthy recipes that you can cook for your dog, using all human grade ingredients, as well as some delightful stories about the dogs in our lives. This is going to be an exciting book because it will be helping to support a number of animal shelters that rescue dogs from abuse.
And I will continue to be a coauthor with my husband of The Silver Elves books on magic and enchantment. We are presently working on both an elven philosophy book and an elven book of art making. Also, we have a new release at the end of January 2015 called The Elf Folks’ Book of Cookery: Recipes for a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life.

What genres you write in and why?
I write non-fiction in popular psychology about the exploration of trends in intelligence and intuition of our future human species. I invite you to visit my colleague and my blog on exploring gut feeling intelligence. If you are curious to understand your gut feelings and instincts and how they relate to your health, to your intuition, to your decision-making in life, then you will enjoy looking through the many posts we have written on our blog over the past 3 years. We have worked for many years as counselors with hundreds of people exploring gut feelings and we invite you to participate in our blog if you are interested in this exploration. Psychology students and teachers are welcome, as well as any person interested in intuition, gut feelings and instincts. 

I also write about health and wellness and particularly am concerned with helping people make healthy changes to their diets.

What keeps you motivating towards writing?
Am still very interested in exploring and interacting with people around the understanding of the intelligence of the gut response, as this continues to be my lifetime passion and work. I have experienced with 100’s of people in counseling using the Somatic Reflection Process on their gut feelings how much healing both emotionally and physically takes place with the self-awareness gained from this process. The possibility of helping to lessen human suffering through self-awareness motivates me to continue writing about the exploration of gut intelligence. What I like most about being an author are the communications with my readers and hearing how they have used the material we have presented in their lives and in some cases, the lives of others that they are counseling/coaching. 

What is generally your preference in reading – a paper book or ebook? And why?
 I only read paperback and find reading long text on any screen to be difficult on my eyes. Also, I like the feel of a book in my hands.
What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
The four most important things in writing to me are be sure the organization is clear, say what I feel in my gut, research extensively, and make it worth your time reading.
Is high level of imagination important to have for an Author?
I feel originality in content is particularly important in my writing. There is no originality or truly creative thought without imagination. All great scientists follow their imaginations into new explorations of the truth. I have never felt the urge to write something that has already been written by someone else. So, the content of what I write in psychology represents some truly original ideas exploring new areas of the psyche and delving into gut feelings more deeply than has been previously researched. Likewise, my cookbook has all original recipes in it. I would feel I had wasted my time and that of the reader if I did not give them something uniquely imaginative.
Your dream destination on Earth?
 I live in Hawaii and I cannot think of a better place than this paradise, but I love to travel all over the world.
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and raised mostly in the South. As an adult, I moved to California, where I raised my children and lived over 27 years. Now, I live in the furthest West on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. In the last 3 years, I have had the opportunity to visit Thailand for 3 weeks, short trips to Japan 3 times, and Italy for 10 days. I loved all of these places for the people and food. I would love to spend some time in India, as I have a very dear friend from India and she has encouraged me to make that trip. Also, I look forward to visiting New Zealand and Australia, as well as Nepal. We have plans to visit France this Spring.
Your zodiac/ sunsign?
I am a triple Scorpio, sun, moon and rising signs all Scorpio. So, I guess you can see why I was drawn to depth psychology as a study and write in the field of Psychology.
Your favorite food?
Spaghetti, Pad Thai, and Indian curries are my three favorite foods today, but that could change tomorrow. Like most Americans, I like to eat a variety of foods from all over the world. I find it interesting that my friends from other countries eat mostly their own country’s dishes (even just their specific country region), where as Americans jump daily from one type of food to another— like Indian food tonight, Mexican food for lunch tomorrow, and Italian food for tomorrow’s supper. We get bored with any one type of food very easily and I am no exception. Another way, however, of looking at it is that we get excited about food from all over the world and try to eat all types within the week!

Your favorite sports?
I like watching Marial Arts. That is the only sport I like other than swimming.

What comes to your mind when you think of India?
When I think of India, I envision beautiful and gentle people, temples, chia tea and delicious curry dishes. I would love to visit India and still think I will one day.
First thing you do in the morning after waking up?

Drink a cup of Japanese green tea.

Last thing to do before sleep?
Check my email. So many of my friends on Facebook live across the globe and my night is the beginning of their day. So I need to message them right prior to my sleep at midnight so we can speak in real time.
My signature quote:
“We reflect upon the vastness within us but like the outer universe, cannot know its parameters…”
Links & other relevant details:
     ISBN-10: 1466429895
ISBN-13: 978-1466429895
Publisher: Createspace
Twitter handle: silver_menehuni

Author’s Den with Sample Writing from my Book:

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201 Words Story: And The Tears Never Stopped: #tears

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He was drinking since morning, non-stop and uncontrolled. He started the moment she had left for the office. He was behaving roughly for last many days. She knew he will be back on his cheerful track in next couple of days, based on her past experience.

The day was not normal for her in office. She was totally blank, confused and uneasy throughout the day for no known reasons. She kept remembering meeting with him ten years back, falling in love with him and then a mutual decision to get married.

He was still drinking when she returned home. Food? 

"No, I have enough of snacks. I am going for a walk along the beach. Then I will have dinner". 

But he never returned. People who were there at the beach said he kept walking towards the deep water and then vanished though they tried calling him.

Their son who was one year when this tragedy happened in her life had grown to a tall and smart boy of twenty now. He forced her to tell him about his Dad and today she had to tell him the whole incidence. Both looked into each other’s eyes and the tears never stopped.

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Author Interview: Morgen Bailey: The Threadbare Girl

Your real name and pen name? 

I do use a pen name. Morgen Bailey is the only name I use online and in my writing.

About your education: 
I loved primary school and did well in tests. I went to a well-thought of secondary school but hated it and left as soon as I could. I compare education to driving: it's not the qualification that makes you but the experience thereafter.

What career did you plan during your education days: I didn't have a clue. I ended up being a secretary for 20+ years until I discovered creative writing (via an evening class) and was hooked. Nine years later, I'm entering my third year of self-employment, helped by being organised and a fast typer.

What languages you can speak and write? 
Second to English, German is my best. Whenever I visit friends over there, I can quite happily go shopping on my own (while my friend's at work) and sit and chat with strangers while feeding the ducks! I can get by in Spanish and French, but they're both rusty.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life: 
I'm very lucky in that I have more ideas than I can write about. I hear conversations, read newspapers. I also teach creative writing 3-4 times a week and always have ideas for my students. They worry about having things to write about but soon see they don't need to.

What hurts you most in this world: 
Lying (you have to have a good memory and I don't). Wars. Why can't people just get on with each other? And if no one spent any money on fighting each other, they'd be able to afford to feed their people.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it? 
I've been very lucky in life. (touching wood) I've never been really ill, really poor (there have been times when I've had no money but not for long). I'm not rich; I rent out two bedrooms of my house and with my editing and teaching work, I don't have to particularly worry about bills but would love to make a living out of my writing.

If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why? 
Roald Dahl is my favourite author because of how his mind worked and the twists he gave his tales. My father did some photography for him and had I known at the time that I was to be a writer, I would have asked to meet him. It might have changed my life much earlier (c.30 years). I'd love to have spent a day in his shed creating his Tales of the Unexpected.

What is your favorite genre and why? 
Crime. Laced with humour. They contrast each other very well and if everything's dark, it can make hard reading. It's why the police crack jokes. They need light. I tend to alternate my reading from crime to chick lit.

When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing? 
From the first evening of the class, I started writing short stories and loved the creativity. I enjoyed English at school so signed up when I spotted the course (having done previous courses in German / French and I.T.). With some gaps, I kept going and finally quit my day job in March 2012. I'm involved in some capacity of writing from the minute I wake up to going to bed (apart from spending time with my boyfriend) but it's never a chore so I don't mind.

Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work? 
Apart from being published in magazines and online, I've self-published various works (details on including free short stories, short story collections, a novel (chick lit) and (my best sellers), writer's block workbooks. The tagline I use for that novel is '31 men in 31 days, what could possibly go wrong?'.

What are your forthcoming writings? 
I have other (various levels of crime) novels on my computer, a couple of which will be self-published but I will be looking for an agent for the others. I tend to put my writing last which is bad so my (belated) New Year's Resolutions for 2015 is to make more time for me.