Saturday, November 28, 2015

Twelfth Night In India Brought By British Council And Filter Theatre

Twelfth Night is one of the best novels by William Shakespeare is a story of romance, disguise and satire. Even if you have read Twelfth Night, don't miss the play that brings a different angle to the story. The British Council in India brings an opportunity for all lovers of Shakespeare work, to see it in action and that too with a different perspective. This is purely a not-to-miss opportunity for all stage lovers, Shakespeare admirers and art lovers. The play Twelfth Night comes from none other than the world acclaimed Filter Theatre.

Filter Theatre has created  Shakespeare's widely acclaimed work in an entirely different manner. Twelfth Night is written by William Shakespeare more than 400 years back. The work has been created by Filter Theatre, Directed by Sean Holmes, Music & Sound is by Tom Haines & Ross Hughes; and associate directors are Oliver Dimsdale & Ferdy Roberts. This is entirely a fresh look given to Twelfth Night and that way is entirely different from all the earlier work done on Twelfth Night. A rock-and-roll remix of Shakespeare's most acclaimed comedy has been created by Filter Theatre with the Royal Shakespeare Company. It was nice interaction with the director and few of the artists on Nov. 23 at British Council.

Twelfth Night is interactive play with a touch of intimacy, rock and comedy. Technically you will find a lot of advancements in delivery and sound to produce a work that retains its charm among the modern day audience. Filter Theatre is prominently admired in the UK and elsewhere. The story of Twelfth Night is quite interesting with powerful characters like Olivia, Sir Toby Belch, Orsino, Malvolio, Illyria and many more.

The play revolves around the collision of two worlds - Olivia’s melancholic, puritanical household clashes with Sir Toby Belch’s drunken revelry. Orsino’s relentless pursuit of Olivia and Malvolio’s extraordinary transformation typify the madness of love in Illyria: land of make-believe and illusion. In the midst of all of this, the production stays true to Shakespeare’s tale, accurately conveying the melancholy of unrequited lovers and the mad things that we all do when falling head over heels. The India tour of Filter Theatre also includes workshops for schools and theatre professionals besides the regular performance of the play in various cities across the country.

The India tour schedule is as below:
24-25 NovDelhi
27-28 NovChandigarh
1-2 DecKolkata
4-5 DecBhubaneshwar
8-9 DecChennai
11-12 DecHyderabad
14-15 DecGoa
17-18 DecMumbai
 In Delhi, the shows are being held at two locations. Nov. 24 show is at British Council office, New Delhi at 7 p.m. On Nov. 25, there are two shows at Modern School, Barakhamba Road - 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

This Lady From Hong Kong Is Empowering Migrant Women In China In A Big Way

Her name is Caroline Watson. She is the founder of Hua Dan. Hua Dan is a very popular and China's first social enterprise. This is probably one of the most innovative solutions to empower migrant women in China and has been quite successful since its inception in 2004. The initiative is to use the theatre for inspiring and motivating people to enhance capabilities to the fullest. Hua Dan is a drive that inspires people to drive their own lives with full energy, in an innovative style and enabling their confidence to the highest level so as to benefit their communities. The great philosophy behind this drive is to get involved with the people, share the love with them, learn from them what they know and that enable them to start with what they learn and are passionate about. Gradually when they get enabled to lead their own life, appreciate them for what they did and let them acclaim for what they did.

The board of directors includes some prominent personalities like Jonathan Palley, and Ding Li, Amethyst (Amy) Wytiu. Caroline Watson was born and brought in Hong Kong. She studied theatre at the university level. Gradually she realised that theatre has a great potential. It lets you think in a different perspective and creates a world of its own around you. the inspiration thus arising out of this acts as  a catalyst in becoming a change enabler. After she obtained her degree from Lancaster University she discovered this hidden potential in theatre artists while minutely observing them. She learnt that the theatre practitioners' passion towards this art acts as a driving force in transforming society. After her graduation, she went to China to apply her wisdom and started experimenting with it to evolve various techniques.

It was during 2003 when Caroline started exploring theatre in generating energies to imbibe in the young migrant women so that they are empowered to cope up with their challenges and create opportunities out of it. All this started while she started living with a migrant woman in Beijing. There are around 300 million workers in Chinese cities who have migrated from various rural areas of the country in search of opportunities in factories. There was ample scope for them in industries engaged in hospitality, manufacturing, construction and service sectors. All these migrants faced a lot of issues like finding a suitable shelter, educating children, discrimination, health, poverty.

Caroline started running workshops to empower the migrant women in exploring their individual threats. She drove them to use theatre as a powerful tool to build confidence in them so that they could become creative, and leaders in their own areas. She started allowing them to practice for their real life threats like harassment at workplace, marital problems, poverty hardships and exclusion by local society. The positive results that started coming out of it laid the foundation of Hua Dan. It was in 2004 that Hua Dan was launched formally. Since then more than 25,000 migrant women have been benefitted. The migrant women work on train-the-trainer model and gradually are able to organise theatre programmes in an independent manner. Hua Dan is also engaged in corporate training programmes in leadership, communication, creativity etc. using theatre methodology.

Caroline has lived for seven years in China fully dedicated to this mission, empowering migrant women, running workshops, finding suitable associates to work on the same cause. and recruiting new staff. Starting from Beijing, soon the drive became quite popular in the other cities of China. With extremely limited resources and budget, the whole team worked in an innovative style to deliver more with less.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Poetry: Remember? First Time Your Naked Feet Touched Floor

Howsoever genuius
you be,
There are still
some moments
that you can only
imagine, visualize.
Even though
those are your moments.
Your own.

Do you remember moments of your birth?

Do you remember the first moments of your life?
When you touched the surface with your naked feet?

What is the value you estimate?

That is past.

Now think of some moments
to come in your future,
may be the last moment.
The moment
When you desire
to touch the floor with your
naked feet
And you are not able to.

#Poetry #Past Is A Dead Currency

Sometimes it is difficult to find
reasons for what is done,
in the spur of a moment.

Don't forget.
Don't forgive.
Be human.

I don't expect you to
become God.
None of us has a 
right too.

I would have said

from the bottom
of my heart.

When Tsunamis happen
Oceans never repent.
Same is with Quakes.

We know
who is at fault.

People don't stop
craving for joy
post disaster.

Don't lose value of 
at the cost of 

Past is a 
dead currency
having no value 
in the present.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Find a snug hotel in North Delhi Or Just @ASKMEIndia

Delhi city is mainly divided into five major sections known as East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi and Central Delhi. The whole city is well connected by road as well as by metro rail. If you plan to travel by road in Delhi there are various modes available. There are various kinds of state transport buses under the banner of DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation). These buses are mostly very comfortable and environment-friendly. These are low level and run on CNG. CNG, as we all know, is a non-fuming fuel, hence the buses do not liberate Carbon-dioxide or other harmful/ poisonous gases. This is a great initiative to increase carbon footprints of Delhi. The other modes are auto-rickshaw and taxis. Radio cabs are also quite popular here.

When you visit Delhi or National Capital Region of Delhi that comprises of adjoining cities of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, you would definitely prefer hotel bookings in Delhi. It also matters whether you are visiting Delhi for a business purpose or for holidaying with family. At times people visiting Delhi for business purpose, combine family holidaying with it. It is basically better to combine as the city is worth visiting for tourism and there are many places to visit. There is a lot of historical heritage in Delhi that is worth visiting and knowing about it. Delhi in that sense has its own unique kind of culture that welcomes everyone here. If you want to ensure your stay you can look for hotels in north Delhi. Here you can find a number of good hotels in all categories – ranging from economy class to luxury class.

Delhi has an attraction that binds once you visit this place. It calls you back again after some time to visit again and enjoy its people, life, food and environment. To find hotels near Delhi, you need to do some homework beforehand to get conversant with the kind of hotels and prices. There are a number of ways of doing it though am online portal would be the best and easiest choice. Gradually with your increasing visits here, you will gain a lot of experiences and will be able to judge on your own. 

#empoweredathlete An Autobiography About Self Discovery, Leadership And Empowerment

Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood is all about self-discovery, emergence, challenges, leadership, growing and getting empowered. It is said that if your goals are clearly visible to you and you put your hundred percent in achieving those, there are certain invisible powers that come and join you in that. It is also said that it takes a lot of time to discover yourself. And if you are able to do it at an early stage, you have better chances of achieving new landmarks as compared to others. Many a times, many people are not able to know completely about themselves and hence are not able to move in that direction.

Eleven chapters of Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood are full of energy, motivation, and a fight to give your best. This is an autobiography of Stephanie Atwood. Stephanie is a multifaceted personality who has excelled in multiple arenas. She is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, runner, certified coach, and wellness expert. The foreword is by Lauren Ganes who has been coached by Atwood and is a national run coach, competitive runner of Go WOW team. The foreword is quite inspiring and says a lot in itself. It clearly reflects that if you meet an expert who becomes your motivator and coach, nothing can stop you to achieve new heights in life.

The story of Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life by Stephanie Atwood begins with how her explaining how she became an accidental athlete. It is a book of discovery, about discovering yourself. Her motive stays in becoming an inspirational model for other women, to make them discover the hidden talent in them and excel in life. And as per Atwood this discovery can happen at any stage of life. That is how she started her mentoring and coaching drive Go WOW. The story also explains how to transform yourself from an athlete to an empowered athlete. For sure, this transformation cannot happen on its own. There needs to be a driving force behind it, be in a shape of self-determination that emerges from within or an external one. The book is, in fact, an enabler for its readers to reach to a stage of self-discovery and beyond.

The autobiography of Stephanie Atwood titled Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life has 33 reviews on Amazon and the overall rating of five out of five says it all about its excellence. Overall this is a must read for all to emerge as a winner at any stage of life.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

#TEchnocrats Importance Of Smartphone For A Youth

He is quite a funny chap. Son of a businessman. No financial crunch. No family pressures. Life is too cool for him. Nobody in the family is bothered about his studies and career. He does whatever he wants. Whatever money is required, his rich Dad is there. He has a super rich Dad and that makes him super rich automatically. His father is his currency machine for him that is operative 24x7. This is Surya, a good for nothing 10th-grade dropout. But Surya is quite tech savvy as far as his choice of gadgets and activities are concerned. Surya knows if he uses technology intelligently and slightly cunningly, it is going to keep financial feed to his interests alive throughout.The life for Surya is not that ugly as long as he has his smartphone, 4G connection, and Dad is alive.

He is quite a serious guy. Son of a farmer. He is studying in B.Tech. in a prestigious institute in a metro city. He has reached here with a lot of hardship and disruptions. His father is always aspired and inspired to see him a successful person in his life. As a farmer, his father has faced many ups and downs of life that impacted the whole family in a big way. But both his parents never gave up in doing their best for him. Despite all hiccups and hurdles, he got full support from his parents. He is working part time in a pastry shop. He is able to run his own expenses on his own. That itself is a good support for his family. Till last year, his father had to send a good amount of money every month to bear his expenses for studies, books, college expenses etc. But now he is in a better condition. He understands the value of technology in life. He knows if the technology is used wisely, he can do a lot of good things for himself, his family and for the society he lives in. This is Chandra, a brilliant son of a hardworking father to make his family's dreams true.

Surya's latest smartphone is Octacore with 4G activated. Besides this, he already has 3 other smart smartphones. He has all those apps installed on his smartphone that are required to impress his friends. He heavily uses location, check-ins, video streaming, downloads, Facebook, etc.

Chandra knows that to use the technology he does not require a costly smartphone. He is happy with his 2 years old Android that is smart enough to transfer online money from his account to his father's account, to auto pay his family mobile bills, to top up his younger sister's prepaid mobile.

Technology is doing its bit to fullest for both - Surya and Chandra to make their life smooth.