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The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

The Soulful Seeker by Punam Chadha-Joseph is her maiden book

The soulful Seeker by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books is a collection of soulful poems

The Soulful Seeker by Punam Chadha-Joseph, published by Om Books is launched on April 28

The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

April 28 must be a gracious day for débutante author & poet Punam Chadha-Joseph at the launch of her maiden book The Soulful Seeker, published by Om Books International. Each poem of the collection is as if seeking soul within in an intriguing and introspecting manner. The venue of launch was Lord of The Drinks Forum, New Delhi. A number of celebrities and renowned personalities were there at the occasion. The soulful poetry of The Soulful Seeker by Punam Chadha-Joseph was recited by eminent Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor and Kabir Bedi. The book was unveiled by Anil Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Sabbas Joseph (Punam's husband), Sanjay Mago, Ajay Mago, and Om Prakash Mago. Punam is an ex-advertising and hospitality professional who ran a successful artifacts business.
The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

The evening was marked with memorable moments with orchestrated acts and recitals by renowned personalities, legendary celebrities, and friends of the author witnessing Anil Kappor, Kabir Bedi, Yuri Suri, Maya Sami, Vivienne Pocha, pianits composer Merlyn D'Souza, and Punam Chadha-Joseph herself, all adding soul to the launch event. The recital and orchestrated acts brought alive the experience of soulful poetry, the book has to offer.
The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor looks far younger than his age, recited the excerpts of poem 'Ageing' from the book, showcasing a hidden fact of life that we don't often get a glimpse of among the glamor and glitz he embodies.
The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

Vivienne Pocha and Merlyn D'Souza recited and orchestrated 'Let's Rise', a poem full of impact and emotions revisiting the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai. The act was welcomes with a standing ovation from the audience.

The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

Author Punam Chadha-Joseph remembered her passion for writing she carried all along, especially poems, but was always short of time to pen down her thoughts based on all that life has to offer. Her book of poems is inspired by real life experiences, so every person will surely related to it as it holds up a mirror to everyday life and human emotions. She hopes her poems strike a personal chord with everyone who reads it.
The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International had all praises for the book saying The Soulful Seeker is a sort of self discovery by author and by readers as well. The poems are not limited to women alone as it touches all aspects of life we spend with friends, parents, children, and spouse. The poetry is mix of lamentations and celebrations, failures and success, the past and present, and most importantly the meaning of life lost, regained and reaffirmed with each passing moment.
The Soulful Seeker Launched by Punam Chadha-Joseph and Om Books

Many of the sketches in The Soulful Seeker are Punam's own thus lending her personal touch, including the very striking visual on the cover. The book is priced at Rs 295 and it is worth spending for 252 pages of soulful poems like Soul & Self, Despondency & Despair, Love & Longing, Family & Friends, Dreams & Desires, Frivolous & Fun, Happiness & Hope, Ache and Acceptance, Fears & Frustrations, and Benevolence & Belief.

कौन है? - एक कविता

कौन है ?
जो मेरे अस्तित्व का हिस्सा है
और मुझे ही परास्त करने की होड़ में रहता है
मेरे ही साथ रहता है
लेकिन, न सुनता है
ना ही कुछ कहता है
एक मस्त हाथी की भांति
अपनी ही मौज में रहता है।

कौन है ?
कब से जानना चाहता हूँ
कौन बताएगा?
बाहर इतना शोर है
अंदर संपूर्ण मौन है।

कौन है ?
जो देखकर भी अनदेखा करता है
दिल के सर्द कोनों को
शब्दों की आंच से सेका करता है।

अनभिज्ञ नहीं हूँ मैं
इतना तो जानता हूँ
जो भी है
मेरे अंदर है
मेरा ही हिस्सा है।

शायद ये वो शब्द हैं
जो मेरे ज़हन में
तो रहते हैं
मगर अपने अर्थ तक
पहुँचने का रास्ता
भूल गए ,
या सही से पहचान ही
नहीं पाए।

कौन है ?
जो  शब्दों  की भीड़ में भी
अर्थ की मानिंद असहाय है,
मौन है।

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Fan Movie Review A Psychic Thriller - Good Theme But Poor Presentation

Fan movie is a mix of good stuff and lousy stuff

Fan movie has a poor storyline

The poor storyline of Fan movie impacts the good direction

Fan movie is a story of two guys - Aryan Khanna - a superstar and top actor in Bollywood movies, and Gaurav Chandna - a small time local resident of some DDA colony in Delhi and a super fan of the former. The latter is so lunatic in his obsession towards Aryan Khanna that he could go to any extent of madness and psychic extremes. The movie was released on April 15 and probably is done with the theaters. Now a days movies come and go in a short period of one week to three weeks and in between there are some media news about box office collections that sometimes appear fake and extrapolated.

Fan movie is directed by Maneesh Sharma. Direction is fine but a lot depends on the story. Whatever best you do with direction, if story is not of that level, the movie and audience have to suffer.

Fan Movie Review A Psychic Thriller - Good Theme But Poor Presentation

Editor is Namrata Rao and the movie is produced under the banner of YRF - Yash Raj Films. Music directors are Andrea Guerra, and duo Vishal-Shekar. But where is the music, you will keep wondering after finishing the movie. What these three guys did on music front is suspense as on screen there were no songs or music.

Though Gaurav Chandna is a dumb, not too educated kind of character belonging to a low-middle class family but he has been shown as a super intelligent guy stalking a Bollywood super star of Aryan Khanna with so much intelligence that is unbelievable. If the guy was so intelligent, he would have built his career for the sake of his old parents. And if he was so obsessive he would have already fallen into troubles. The guy has a passport and reaches London without his parents knowing about his whereabouts. There are many such gaps in the story.

A solo spot in the movie that impressed me and created some unique moments was -
When Senior goes to meet junior in the police station to advice him to leave Mumbai and stop doing crazy things in life. The moment when he looks at him and tells him why should he spare even five minutes of his life for him, was excellent.

Rest, the complete movie was unimpressive with typical acting by Shah Rukh Khan and there was nothing so creative in acting and delivery. The movie can be seen with family as there is no obscene stuff throughout. If you are okay with some fight, some beautiful scenic views, and SRK, and feel this is just you would expect in a movie spending Rs 300, then go for it. Otherwise, there is nothing so special to highlight, or like, in the movie.

The theme of Fan is powerful but the way it has been molded in a story is totally indigestible. Even the kids will raise questions about the illogical sequences in the story and its presentation.

I would say Fan movie is a waste of talent in three sections - direction, acting, and music just because of poor storyline. I would rate it 2 on a scale of 5. Watch a better movie in case you plan to watch on theater. Otherwise you will feel like me after the movie - waste of time and money.

Coffee Table Book Mega Brands Launched by Architecture+Design Magazine

Architecture+Design launches coffee table book Mega Brands

Mega Brands is India's first industry-architecture driven coffee table book launched by Architecture+Design

Coffee Table Book Mega Brands identifies iconic industry brands

Architecture+Design an iconic Indian magazine, launches India's first industry-architecture driven coffee table book MEGA BRANDS, an authentic survey based documentation. The book aims to identify the top industry brands that have added to a substantial growth of architecture. It also finds out and brings forward their excellent of design creativity in the creation of these iconic architectural products which have become an integral component in building India. MEGA BRANDS has been launched in memory of internationally acknowledged Indian architect Charles Correa and has been dedicated to his phenomenal contribution to global architecture. Charles Correa is a legendary in the history of Indian Architect who has been well acclaimed by the architect communities all across the globe.

Coffee Table Book Mega Brands Launched by Architecture+Design Magazine
left to right Suneet Paul, Divya Kush, Estelle Berruyer, and Choi Ju Chul

Architecture+Design has brought MEGA BRANDS, India's first industry-architecture coffee table book as a continued effort of the magazine to fill the widening gap between the architectural industry and the profession. Truly, the book is bound to bridge the increasing void between the two. We met Suneet Paul, Editor-In-Chief, Architecture+Design. He is quite vibrant and full of synergy. Appraising about MEGA BRANDS, he added that this is India's first industry-architecture driven documentation.

Coffee Table Book Mega Brands Launched by Architecture+Design Magazine
Suneet Paul, Editor-In-Chief, Architecture+Design
The book is an attempt to explore design creativity of top brands of the country dealing in architectural products thus becoming an integral part in building India. MEGA BRANDS aims to celebrate brands that are most popular and are in high demand in different projects and properties. These are the brands that have collected a trust of millions. These brands inspire Architects and Interior Designers to use them in their projects and spaces.

The MEGA BRANDS by Architecture+Design covers all products that inspire such as tiles, cement, faucets, flooring, plywood, steel, lights, and paints. These popular brands and products have been compiled in a beautiful manner in the Coffee Table Book. Divya Kush, President, The Indian Institute of Architects was the Guest of Honor. Estelle Berruyer, Cultural Attache, Embassy of France, and Choi Ju Chul, Chief Korean International Trade Association were the special guests at the event.
Coffee Table Book Mega Brands Launched by Architecture+Design Magazine
Ar. Sonali Bhagwati

Ar. Sonali Bhagwati talked about the gaps that are left behind in the architectural design of a city, home, state, and country. She elaborated certain gaps in the Delhi Metro architectural design. Ar. Chang Hyun Kim from South Korea talked about a correlation between architectural design and suicides and how the latter can be reduced by enhancing designs.

Coffee Table Book Mega Brands Launched by Architecture+Design Magazine
Ar. Chang Hyun Kim

PlaceofOrigin.in – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

PlaceofOrigin.in – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

Placeoforigin.in is the first Indian marketplace for specialty ethnic, Indian, and regional foods. The concept is quite clear and simple. All food products listed here are brought directly from the genuine producer and then is delivered direct to the end-consumer. There are many benefits to it. First, all producers are thoroughly scanned before getting them on board. Second, the middle layers between sellers and buyers are removed thereby passing on the cost benefit to the end consumer. The name PlaceofOrigin.in itself is so justified to its concept.

Foodies, be in any corner of the country, would appreciate the concept of passing the benefit to the end consumer without any compromise with the quality, delivery, and authenticity of the products. Best thing is you get all things at one place without bothering about going place to place to find several products you need. With an offer of free delivery, it is good to note that whether you are buying products in bulk or in small quantity, it does not matter as there is no additional cost for delivering your desired products at your doorstep. On top of it, it saves a lot of time if you have to go to your nearest marketplace and buy these products from various shops. Probably, you won't find all products in a single marketplace.
PlaceofOrigin.in – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

There is a wide variety of chocolates being offered by PlaceofOrigin.in. The chocolate range includes milk chocolate, gluten free chocolate, organic chocolate, chocolate bars, raw cacao, dark chocolate, vegan chocolate, truffles, fruit nut chocolates, cacao tea, and a lot more. There are chocolates in trendy shapes like the one I liked most is Apricot & Nut Ladoo from Earthloaf Chocolate. A special care has been taken for diabetics. There is Moddys Belgian sugar-free chocolate box from Moddys Ooty Chocolates company. 

PlaceofOrigin.in – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

You get hefty discounts on chocolates on PlaceofOrigin.in. For instance Mason & Co. the artisanal chocolate company from Auroville is giving 70% discount on many of its products. The company sources cocoa beans from certified organic farmers. Overall, PlaceofOrigin.in ensures uncompromising quality, best of the products, and a high level of commitment towards end consumer.

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Sweet and Spicy Food is Quite Important in Sweet and Spicy Life

It was the first time I visited Ahmednagar. It was here that I discovered a new meaning of Sweet and Spicy food. Ahmednagar is around 122 kilometres from Pune. It is on Pune-Aurangabad highway. Ahmednagar is a small place but is important because people travelling from Pune to Shirdi have to cross Ahmednagar. I stayed at Hotel Paradise in Ahmednagar for 21 days for my business work. The restaurant in the hotel is quite happening place. It used to be difficult to get a table in the restaurant at the peak hours of dinner during 9 to 10 in the night. It was here that I discovered many Maharashtrian dishes that I was devoid of being a north Indian and a resident of Delhi since my childhood.

It is here I tasted Masala Papad for the first time in my life. To my surprise, I found this masala papad quite sumptuous and tasty. It is a big papad on which there are a lot of small cut pieces of onion, tomato, sev etc. is spread. It was really tasty. The hard bottom of papad with the topping of all this stuff created a unique kind of taste and I became a fan of it right from the day one. Similarly it was here that I tasted Sweet and Spicy Chicken Keema for the first time. It was not that I was having Chicken Keema for the first time but so far it was never sweet but only spicy. This particular Sweet and Spicy Chicken Keema had a different flavour and taste. I got curious and met the chef there. When I enquired about the ingredients of the dish, it was amazing to know that they put all kind of spices in it but in a very systematic and in a balanced quantity. For sweetness, they don’t put sugar but honey. That is what made is completely awesome. 

Sweet and Spicy Food is Quite Important in Sweet and Spicy Life
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Keema

Each portion of Sweet and Spicy Chicken Keema was performing some balancing act in my mouth as soon as it touched my tongue and taste buds. The spices even on the excessive side were balancing well with the small portion of honey mixed in the dish and was giving a feel of having a sumptuous meal. That was some kind of best form of fusion balanced with perfection and precision. In fact, this experience prompted me to taste a new dish every day at a place I visited for the first time in life.

This created a permanent curiosity factor about sweet and spicy food and gradually I found that the concept is quite popular in many parts of India and across the world. The orthodox recipes are being replaced with innovative one to explore new horizons in food arena thus evolving entirely different food tastes. The onus of this magic lies with the chefs who dare to cross the barriers and get empowered to build such innovative recipes. The art of cooking is changing fast, I observed, when I got to know about this concept explored by two veterans Vir Sanghvi and Vikas Khanna. The video is a must watch where the sweet and spicy dish passes through multiple processing like margination, frying, baking, roasting, chopping, etc. You will also get passionately curious to try this innovative recipe involving roasted chicken topped with chocolate sauce. Just watch the #Foodventures videos by Vikas Khanna and Vir Sanghvi.

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Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings

Nina Selbst was born in 1928, in Cape Town
Nina Selbst's parents were the children of penniless immigrants
Nina Selbst began to be troubled as she reached adolescence

Nina Selbst was born in 1928, in Cape Town, in the shadow of Table Mountain, recently selected as one of the wonders of the world. In fact, she became Nina Selbst from Nina Herbstein after she got married. Her parents were the children of penniless, immigrants who had escaped the cruel antisemitism of Eastern Europe and, in only a couple of decades of hard work, managed to establish themselves in the community and open up to their children avenues of personal and professional advancement. She grew up, with three brothers, in the seaside village of Muizenberg in a comfortable, secure, middle class environment. Discrimination against non-whites was part of the accepted order of society but it was very much milder than the virulent, ideological form it took in the later years of Apartheid. It seemed quite natural until she reached adolescence and began to be troubled by the injustice of sorting human beings into a rigid hierarchy by the color of their skin.
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
muizenberg beach

 Welcome! Nina Selbst

Your Real Name
I was born Nina Herbstein but, though a feminist by inclination, on marriage took my husband's surname, so I am Nina Selbst
        Best Memories of Childhood:
Growing up in the wonderful village of Muizenberg, enjoying the most beautiful surroundings of the Cape Peninsula, swimming in the Indian Ocean, horse-riding along the beach with its endless white sands, scrambling up the Muizenberg mountain, canoeing on the Vlei – all in the company of great friends and almost free of adult supervision
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
Childhood Portrait
My Education:
After a brief few years at a co-educational school, I was moved to a girls' school, where I completed my high school education. I was a good student but found most of what was offered as 'education' excruciatingly boring. Real intellectual challenge came from a home in which everything (with the exception of sex and death) was discussed in front of the children and with their active participation, and from my peers in the far left Zionist Socialist Youth movement that I joined at fifteen
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
in 1944
What career did you plan?
For a number of years I wanted to be a chemist and nothing else. Fortunately for me I realized, after only a year of academic study in the field, that this was not for me and I turned to the social sciences.
What languages can you speak and write?
English is my mother tongue but I also speak, read and write Hebrew freely...I was once reasonably fluent in Afrikaans, the other language of white South Africans, but regrettably my competence has faded over years of disuse. Even more regrettably, the languages of Black South Africans were a closed book to me .I enjoyed learning Spanish, which I found useful as a tourist, but was always better at speaking carefully prepared sentences than at understanding replies delivered at express train speed
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
with her grandmother, father and first son
What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
That's a hard question. I suppose that at this stage of life it is watching my eight granddaughters grow into such fine human beings, each in her own way.
What hurts you most in this world?
In a most general sense, the unnecessary suffering that human beings inflict on one another. More specifically, the failure of the two peoples who occupy the narrow strip of land that I call home, to find a way to live, together or apart, in peace and mutual respect
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
at the shrine of mamiwater near the Volta river
If you had to live a day in your life as a living or dead personality, who would it be and why?.
Moses, on the last day of his life. I would devote that day to writing my autobiography so that future generations could have an authentic account of what really happened in those distant days, straight from a participant and eye witness. On second thoughts though, perhaps Moses is not a valid choice, being in all probability neither living nor dead, but a creature of the fertile human imagination.
What is your favorite genre?
History, both fiction and non-fiction but most particularly the seamless combination of the two, wonderfully represented by Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, for instance. It is a genre that provides a wealth of insights into the enduring sources of human motivation.
When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?
My earliest writing was not from choice. From the moment that I learned to put pencil to paper, I was expected to write – happy birthday greetings and get well wishes to my grandparents, thank you notes for birthday presents received and so on. My early efforts were rather stilted and standardized, but the habit became firmly established. From the time I left home I wrote to my parents every single week and kept them abreast of all, (well perhaps not quite all!), that was happening in my life
Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
Disregarding a miscellaneous collection of articles, reports and professional papers, short stories and accounts of family history intended for a limited circle, my one published work is "Writ in Water" (November 2015)
The. book is a wide-ranging account of the diverse ways in which water is intertwined with the story of humanity. It opens with creation myths, those narratives never lacking a role for water, invented to explain how our world began. It closes with a listing of place names the world over, all with references to watery features of the landscape. In between it offers accounts of clean drinking water and foul, of irrigation – ancient and modern, of cleanliness and godliness, of exploration of the unknown along great rivers, of water wheels and hydroelectricity, of art and poetry and a good deal more.
The researching and writing of this book has been a fascinating journey of discovery for me. I can only hope that it will provide both pleasure and enlightenment to anyone who undertakes to read it.
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
recent photo with her late husband at the wedding of their eldest granddaughter
Forthcoming writing, future plans
Perhaps I will manage a little story book for my two great grandsons, but at the age of eighty seven, plans for the future really belong in the same realm as green bananas.
What is generally your preference in reading – a paper book or ebook? And why?
I love the look and feel of printed books but cannot resist the enchantment of having a book at my disposal seconds after deciding to read it, with the additional bonus that it makes no demands for space on my crowded bookshelves. I feel no obligation to choose between them.
Your dream destination on earth
The top of Mount McKinley. When I was sixty I promise myself that I was going to climb the highest mountain in America at the age of ninety. As the date approaches I must acknowledge that it is going to remain a dream destination.
Countries you have visited
I have at least set foot on four of the five continents. Never made it to Australia.
Last book you finished reading?
Sapiens, a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
Current book you are reading?
The Little Prince Returns by Yoram Selbst.
Just published in Hebrew. Not yet available in English
Your favorite movie?
The African Queen. A funny and moving story of two people discovering love in a very surprising setting. Perfect performances by two great actors – Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.
Favorite celebrity?
I have no taste for celebrities.
What comes to your mind when you think of India?
Bhagvad-Gita, Mahatma Ghandi, curry, colonialism, sacred cows, funeral pyres and widows' homes on the banks of mother Ganga, grinding poverty and enormous potential
Nina Selbst Author Interview: Faced Injustice of Sorting Human Beings
Haridwar 2000 with a sacred cow
First thing you do in the morning after waking up?
Let the dog out.
The last thing to do before sleep
Read until the book falls from my hand.
The last line of your autobiography would be..
Past Imperfect – that sums up this story.
The title of your autobiography would be…
Truth to tell…
ISBN-10: 1512368687
ISBN=13: 978-1512368680
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