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@canderejewels : Stop Look And See Before You Buy

I had a doubt about this site and to get it clear I registered here. Well, about the doubt and its result, I will talk a little later. The portal is good, precise and fast. That is something credible. The customer support is equally responsive. You seek a response by entering your name, email and mobile number and immediately you get a response, even on a Sunday. That is also good.

What is not good is the misleading but catchy taglines to attract you without clrealy stating the context hidden behind those words. The first catch is "Free Shopping: Rupees One Thousand off: offer for new email subscribers on first purchase only." What is not mentioned here is that there is a condition to it. The minimum purchase is Rupees Fifteen Thousand to become eligible for this first time discount. Logically what is the harm in mentioning this clearly on this offer. There is not even a star and no mention of "conditions apply". Another point is that if you are getting a less than seven percent discount would you like to go for it?

If this is a lucrative offer, why not mention clearly on website and promotional emails? And if Candere thinks it is not a substantial discount and nobody would like to avail it, what is the gain by hiding it as the buyer in any case would come to know about it before making payments online?

Well there is an offer on the home page to get 20% discount on all your purchase. I decided to go for a purchase but I landed into another confusion. I selected an item (code: C002699) od and a new popup flashed - "Don't go, Order now and get Rs 1500 off - (Rs 1000 + Rs 500) on your purchase. Now what is this? This confusing pop up is asking for my email id whereas on top it clearly shows that I am logged in, by displaying my name. Something passed through quality unnoticed and unchecked.

Did I say the site is quite responsive, and so is the Live Chat? Well, in first go it appeared. But then the live chat became a dead chat. There was no response to any of my further queries after the first reply. Some Aliya Rastogi appeared to be there on the chat but there came no response for long. Strategically there is no timestamp on the chat sequences so that the gap between the query and response appears in real time to the customer.

My bill amount for the purchase was Rs 10,151. The chat response finally came:

Customer Support
Hi Jaideep
Yes, the price has been discounted
By 20%

But the bill amount still showed the same price without any discount asking for my mode of payment


  • You will be redirected to PayuCheckout website when you place an order.
    T & C


Product NamePrice
Shipping & HandlingFree
Grand TotalRs. 10,151

I stopped here till above confusions are cleared off.

Moreover, if you still make a purchase do try the two more lucrative offers:
1. 30 Days Return
2. Lifetime exchange

Both are ambiguous till you experience them in reality as there are no terms and coditions mentioned against each. Does it mean that if I make a purchase of Rs. 50,000 on day one and tell them on 20th day for return, it is hassle free full amount or there are some hidden conditions that will be told at that time? Well I did find the page explaing the return process and it specifies an easy process, but judge yourself, it is really simple process?


1)  If there is damage to an item upon delivery, call our customer service center immediately at +91 22 6106 6262 or email us at for assistance.

2)  Please read the information on your original packing slip.

3)  Preserve original packing and the item in its sealed form with all accessories, tags, boxes, bags, stickers, papers and original Invoice. Securely pack the unused item back.

4)  Once your package is ready, just call our customer service team and we will arrange to pick it up at your doorstep.

5)  Check the return package to the address indicated on the packing slip:
Enovate Lifestyles Private Limited
35-36 UG, The Mall,
Station Road,
Malad west,
Mumbai 400064 

6)  Keep the Return Tracking Number from the package you are returning to ensure that the package is returned to our distribution center as mentioned above.

7)  You can expect a refund within 7 working days of our receiving your returned product. Refund will be credited to the same form of payment used in your original purchase.

Now let's say you received a damaged item, an item you didn't order or the wrong item, we'll a. first apologize profusely and then b. exchange it free of charge, or refund the full cost of the merchandise and shipping charges. Again, not that we don't trust you, but we'll need to inspect the item upon receipt. If it is indeed an error or a defective product, your refund or exchange will be on its way shortly. 

For Lifetime Exchange - What will be the value of Rs 50,000 item I purchased on Day 1 that I want to exchange on Day 100? I again found some information on the same but there are some lines that are not in favor of the buyer. Check yourself:


Candere has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality diamonds and jewellery and superior service. We stand behind each of our products with customer-friendly policies designed to ensure your satisfaction and make Candere your lifelong jeweller of choice.

Candere jewellery can be exchanged or upgraded for any other item as under:

Only Gold Jewellery can be exchanged at 95% of the current market value of gold.
Jewellery studded with Diamonds can be exchange at 90% of current market value of all the materials.
Jewellery studded with Gemstones can be exchange at 80% of current market value of all the materials.

Our exchange policy only applies to undamaged jewellery that are accompanied by the original diamond grading report and/or certificate. No discount offers can be clubbed or applied against the exchange. Diamond and/or Gemstone jewellery cannot be exchanged against only gold jewellery or gold coins. The current market value will be determined by Candere.comYou will be given a voucher for the determined value which remains valid for 12 months. Please note that this voucher cannot be encashed. 

Solitaire Diamonds Exchange at 90% of current market value, subject to a value limit of Rs.10,00,000/-. Currently Lifetime Exchange Policy is available on orders within India only.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Guest Post from @UnaTiers Declaring April To Be the Book Review Month for JUDGE vs NUTS

To recollect from my previous posts, I interviewed Una Tiers on my blog in January 2014 and  reviewed her book Not Safe For The Bank(er) A Fonal Gavelle Mystery in December the same year. The interview was quite touchy and the book was a rare treat of mystery and fun.

Here is a guest post from Una for her debut novel, JUDGE vs NUTS that is re-released in March of 2015. She is some presenting some insights, intereactive activities and celebration April month with a Sale.

Reviews are important, they tell the author what the reader saw and they tell other people what to expect. They are hard to come by but treasured by authors. Please consider writing a review this month.
Easy Bake Recipe for a Book Review.

1. Read the entire book.

2. Answer one or more of the following questions:
What was your general impression? Were you entertained, educated, did you laugh, did you love, like or enjoy the book?

What stood out about the book? Was it humorous?
Was there a quote you loved?
Was there an idea it promoted?
How did you feel about the characters?

Do you recommend this book? Do you recommend it to particular readers?

5. For Amazon reviews you only need 20 words. You don’t need to tell the story, this isn’t a book report.

6. Say something nice. A book takes time and heartfelt effort to put together. It’s a little of the writer’s soul.

Reviews are important to authors, please consider writing one today.
Thank you.

About the Author
Una Tiers is an attorney who writes mystery/humorcides. Her debut novel, JUDGE vs NUTS, was re-released in March of 2015. It is available on Amazon eBooks (links below) and is ON SALE!
Fiona Gavelle expected fame, fortune and glory after law school. However she finds herself working in a dead end, dusty law office where she does more secretarial than lawyer work.
One snowy Chicago night, she learns she was fired from her miserable job and when her miserable husband doesn't support her plight, she walks out.
However, after attending the funeral of a man she only met once, her luck turns. She gets new office space, and is taken in by her favorite Aunt.
She struggles to prove the practice of law does not include car chases or running down the alley at midnight.
Join Fiona to see where she leads you.
US   The book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM PST to April 26, 2015 12PM PST $.99  US Dollars
UK across the pond, the book is on sale April 23, 2015 8AM GMT to April 27, 12PM GMT  £ .99

You can find Una easily on her website and on: 

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कुछ अशआर : आज कुछ लम्हों के लिए मेरे पहलू में बैठ

कुछ लम्हों के लिए मेरे पहलू में बैठ
मेरी आँखों में देख
कोई बात न कर
हो सके तो दिल की धड़कने भी
रोक लेते हैं दोनों
सिर्फ ख़ामोशी से
बता अपने दिल की ज़ुबान

तेरे दिल के ज़ख्म
मेरे दिल का गुबार
एक मुकम्मल मुलाक़ात
के मुल्तजी हैं
तेरे ज़ख्म भरने के लिए
मेरे आँसू बदहवास हैं

कुछ लम्हों के लिए
सब भूल कर
मुझे देख
मुझसे बात कर
इन कुछ लम्हों को
एक ज़िन्दगी का
जामा हासिल करा

#fame Ms Malini's Tips To Become A Social Media Jedi #LakmeSchoolofStyle

The power of talent and video is the real mantra of #fame. In this emerging and growing era of digital age, it is the video that will replace text and talent is going to be the topmost in demand. #fame is about providing a unique platform to talented individuals to live their life to fullest. #fame is something that has nothing to do with a business or a brand. It is about individuals and for individuals. It is basically a platform for each talented individual to provide a long term growth prospects. Every talented individual is free to join #fame to explore their talent in a most suitable environment. It is not precise for a profession or a particular area in life, it can be anyone – a chef, a singer, a musician, a blogger or for that sake anyone. #fame promises to merge talent with entertainment in a digital way beyond one can imagine. 

In this video from #fame and Lakme School of Style we have Ms Malini the Social Media Diva who is stating her rule sets for becoming a social media Jedi. Rule number one is to be original, be you, and be yourself. Once you are “you” only then you can be a true social. She emphasizes to be the most human version of yourself. It means a lot in reality if you are able to stay on this rule. So if you are tweeting, put your feelings and emotions in the text so that it looks most amazing and natural to everyone and then you will be in a position to get most responses/ replies.

Rule number two of the game is Engage. Ensure that when you are on the playground you play full heartedly. You cannot be the part of game and playing the game halfheartedly. When you are in the party, be part of it by participating to your fullest. You just can’t afford to stay standing in a corner and think that you will be able to enjoy the party. Don’t just talk about yourself all the time. Nobody would be eager to listen to you for long if you stay in this mode. You have to interact with people. Re-tweet other’s tweets, like some and reply to the tweets that are addressed to you. Response is must as the person who is writing to you is writing because he or she likes you and intends to interact with you. There is a saying that if you don’t engage with your followers on Facebook or twitter, you are prone to lose them by fifty percent. Example of Oreo and KitKat in this context was fantastic.

Rule number three is to be a Geek Chic. Use all the available tips and tricks available on internet. If you use hash-tags with more than 10-11 characters will have more chances of getting hit than the shorter hash-tags. Facebook and Twitter now allow videos to be a part of your post hence take full advantage of it by making your posts livelier. A single tweet allows to embed four photos in it. So, if you are a hair or beauty blogger you can send a step by step set of pics in your tweet.

Rule number four is that the Social Media Hacks. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. Hence use meta-tags wisely to increase your reach. Rule number five says you to stay updated always. On social media it is now that is most important. And the final rule says to enjoy and have fun on social media. Overall the video is quite interesting and a must watch. This video series is a superb effort from LakmeSchoolofStyle and #fame

Note: Lakmé School of Style is a first of its kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the fashion world but in the process will also create new age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen. 

Hold Your Breath: Asus Zenfone 2 Is About To Launch

If you look at your topmost companions in life, probably for most of us, our smartphone would be on the top of the list. The reason for that is quite clear as it is the only one device that stays in our pocket, or in hand, almost throughout the day, wherever we are. For me, it only retires for the day when I go to bed. So, definitely the device that is so much and so close to you throughout has to be really smart to make you smart.

I became a diehard fan of Asus smartphones the day I bought Asus Zenfone 5 late last year. It is unbeatable in all aspect one looks into while buying a smartphone – price, technology, speed, look & feel, aesthetics and size. In technology one would ask for high speed, great performance, abundant storage, and a bouquet of excellent features. It won my heart in all aspects in real sense. The volume of sales and its high demand soon after it was launched tells its story itself. Now it is the turn of Asus Zenfone 2. The official launch is hardly a week away but one can clearly observe the eagerness among Asus’ fans.

If we talk about the features of ASUS Zenfone 2, it can go on and on with plethora of praises. The dual-SIM feature is not uncommon these days in smartphones. But when we talk about this particular dual sim model, it promises to provide you seamless switchover between the two. The model will be available with two options of RAM – 2GB and 4GB. The 4GB RAM is great to do multitasking on your smartphone without an interruption or slowness in the system. There is a stupendous difference between the power adaptor of 2GB and 4GB Asus Zenfone 2 models. The latter contains BoostMaster which will charge the device’s battery with a rocket speed. As compared to traditional smartphones chargers in the market, this one promises to charge Asus Zenfone 2 4GB model by double the speed.

User interface (UI) is probably the best in Asus smartphones and the global awards won by Asus confirm it. A dedicated team in Asus research center ensure to bring in the innovative rich experience in ZenUI brought by Asus in their smartphones. Asus PixelMater technology is another feather in their cap. With 13-megapixel rear (or primary) camera having zero shutter lag and on top of that its f/2.0 aperture lens is more than enough to give you best of the imaging experiences. It will not complete the story if we don’t talk about Asus Ergonomic Arc Design in Zenfone 2 to give it a superior look & feel with an elegance and impressive exterior that is class apart.

To sum it all, it is worth to wait for a while till Asus Zenfone 2 is launched on 23rd April 2015, to get the best of the features bundled together and device is bound to be low priced than its counterparts in the market. This astonishing smartphone will be exclusively available on Flipkart. 

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Bollywood Movie Preview: Bajrangi Bhaijaan @BeingSalmanKhan @Nawazuddin_S

Upcoming Bollywood movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan is scheduled to be released on the third Friday of July this year you will have a treat of watching Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead role. The crew is in the last leg of their shooting and are in Kashmir to shoot the concluding part of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Earlier the plan was to visit Kashmir and finish the balance part was around a month before that had to be postponed due to flood.

The movie is directed by Kabir Khan of Kabul Express, New York, and Ek Tha Tiger fame. You be sure to have three things on the platter from director's end - excellent direction, perfect sequencing and super acting by all the actors.The movie as in the trademark movies of Salman promises to provide lot of masala action stuff.

Music is from Academy Award winner A R Rahman who needs no introduction. The cinematography is from Ravi K Chandran and if remember Dil Chahta Hai and My Name is Khan, then be ready to get a piece of excellent from Chandran who is a Filmfare Award winner.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a romantic action drama and has been produced by Salman Khan. It is an intense love story between a Muslim Boy and a girl belonging to Hindu community and the resistance that comes from the society against their love.  Just wondering if Bajrangi Bhiajaan is Salman Khan, would Kareena be also calling him by the same name?

Here is the trailer  below.

@TIME Hundred Most Influential People 2015: Exhaustive Analytics On Women Power Emergence

Oprah Winfrey is the only person in the world who has appeared ten times in Time Most Influential People. In the top four most repeated people, there are three women (see chart below).

During last decade, woman power has emerged tremendously and it is not only a particular area or areas where they have spread their wings and demonstrated their mettle. The fact that the same is not limited to a particular continent. The power of women is now visible all across the world whether it is a developed nation, developing or underdeveloped.

If we compare the data of TIME top 100 influential people across the globe for the year 2013 and 2015 we see a tremendous rise in the women power in all sections.

Hundred percent rise in Leadership category is phenomenal. Fifty percent in Titan and Pioneers categories, Forty percent in Artists is really a big achievement. Overall 30 percent increase in the women influencing the world in one way or the other is straightaway telling the world the message very clearly.

For the year 2015 if we see women emergence in various categories, it is substantial. We start with Titans for 2015 and following is the picture:

There are total nineteen out of which six are women.

For the Pioneers 2015 out of 22, 10 are male.

It is good to see women coming up as Pioneers on a global front. These women are from a diverse spectrum of profession and life ranging from a Ballet star to science & technology to advocate & judge to an investigator to transgender icon. 

In next category of Artists, we don't see much of a difference. Out of 16 globally influencing artists, we see 7 of them are female artists.

This spells out 44 percent share grabbed by the women.

When we talk of top leaders of the world who have wide influence we see that women are phenomenally less in this category. Out of 31 we have only eight women placed in this category. 

But if we see the women leaders of 2013 (chart on top) and compare with 2015 this is the category where we see hundred percent growth. If it continues at this rate probably within a couple of years women will cross men in global leadership.

In Icons category out of twelve global iconic personalities identified, we see women taking a winning edge here very clearly taking seven slots.

Finally when we look at the summary of TIME most influential people 2015, the category wise summary goes as below:

It can also be seen in graphical formation as below:

And finally the total summary graphical presentation will go as below:

Overall it is forty percent share of the total TIME top hundred influencers 2015 that has been taken by women. This clearly narrates the story of wits and wisdom of women power emerging on a global level.