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Mystery & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #BlogchatterHalfMarathon #Books #BookChatter

Mystery & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 2) by Ilana Cohen raises two completely contrasting options about love. Is love a passing adventure as Alex, one of the lead characters in this fictional story, feels? Or is it something eternal that never dies as Edith, the other lead character in the story, believes in. The story revolves around Edith and Alex until a second girl comes in Alex's life. The story begins like this. Edith feels a magnetic attraction towards Alex the moment she sees him. Alex responds positively to her signal. Gradually they go for a date. A data that was full of romance and intimacy. And then comes the shocking moment for Edith immediately after this memorable day of her life. Alex disappears all of a sudden from her life without information or intimation to her. That brings her the biggest shock of her life.

Mystery & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #BlogchatterHalfMarathon #Books #BookChatter

Mystery & Survival (From Siberia with Love, Book 2) by Ilana Cohen has a lot in store for its readers. After Alex disappears from Edith's life, she is not able to forget the sweetest moments of her life with her. She is literally not able to throw him out of her mind. In fact, she keeps craving for him throughout. A month goes by like this. And then Alex appears at her door appealing and radiating that becomes impossible for her to resist. Thus, this sudden temptation takes both of them directly to her bed for another physical interaction after their first date. Edith has a conviction that whatever is happening in her life has a deep meaning. She believes in destiny. What happens between Alex and her reminds her of her grandparents. Her grandparents were murdered in a Holocaust. Edith believes that unfinished love is back on the surface now.

Mystery & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 2) by Ilana Cohen contains interesting twists and turns. Edith believes that whatever was nestling in her grandparent's heart has reappeared because of its sudden abruption. That same love from her grandparent's heart from heaven has now come into existence, as it was waiting for Alex to come into her life. On the other hand, Alex has nothing to do with these convictions floating in Edith's mind and heart. He is a scientist and therefore, is a firm believer in logics and reality. In his life, such kind of coincidences or love from heaven has no meaning. In fact, he treats this love nothing but a passing adventure that will not last long. The moment, Alex feels, he finds another beautiful girl in his life, it will vaporize and vanish. What is there in their destiny? Grab the book to know.

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