Friday, July 02, 2021

The Secret Red Book of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh #BookReview #Books #TBRChallenge @DrAwdheshSingh

The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh is a befitting read for all project managers and in the making. There is a strong stint of leadership required in a project manager that does magical effect in project drive and timely closures. There is a lot of practical understanding about leadership. It is an interesting read that has been sliced into 5 portions. Part 1 talks about the need for leadership. Why do we require leaders? Who can be a leader? Why one must strive to become a leader? How you can transform yourself into a leader? And why a dual or two-way leader-follower relationship exists in reality in the life of every leader. This all is covered in the first section of this book and in a very interestingly manner.

The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh says that a leader is like an iceberg, and he must stay like that only, never revealing himself completely. He must not carry on with a standard, predictable pattern; rather it should be changing even under similar kind of situations. Leadership is an art as per Awdhesh Singh, and not science. There is no fixed rule book, or guidelines to be a leader. A leader as per the book is not born, rather a leader can be built. A leader has to be a good actor. He must stay happy even if he is sad. He should not open up with everyone, so often.

In my opinion, overall the book The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh is really an interesting read carrying different kind of stuff on leadership and in a continuous flow that keeps staying tuned to what the writer wants to convey through this book. The sequence of parts (slices), titles and the chapters within a part are well thoughtfully woven. Though I don’t agree to everything what has been said in the book. But to most of it, I agree. A must-read for all managers, project managers and anyone interested in knowing about leadership in real action. The book has been published by Wisdom Tree.

The Secret Red Book of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh #BookReview #Books #TBRChallenge @DrAwdheshSingh


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  1. You have explained the flow of the book very well. I also like that you have clearly stated who will be helped by reading this book - leaders of all kinds.

  2. This looks interesting...Very well reviewed giving the entire gist...This flies into my TBR


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