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Charm & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #books

Charm & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 3) by Ilana Cohen was an excellent read after reading Mystery & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 2) by the same author. We continue with Edith and Alex, the leading characters of the series From Siberia with Love. We see a conflict between their ideologies and perception about love in the previous book. While Edith believes in the love that travels through ages, Alex thinks love as a passing adventure. Edith finds Alex and both fall in love, but Alex vanishes immediately after their first date. For the period Edith craves for Alex but could not find his whereabouts, it becomes difficult for Edith to forget Alex. And then one day she finds him at her door and both land up in her bedroom. A lot more happens in Book 2. Let's move to the Book 3 now.


Charm & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #books

Charm & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 3) by Ilana Cohen brings back Alex to Edith but not in a happy note. Alex meets with a severe accident while his romantic & adventurous rendezvous with another woman after he leaves Edith once again. A serious car crash forces him for a long stay in the hospital, living there with bandages and injuries. All this time, Edith was still craving for Alex. And finally she finds him after his accident, but as an ugly man with scars on his faces. For the third time, Alex and Edith are together having fun and enjoyment. The book touches some extent of erotica when Alex shares his unending stories of his sex adventures in Siberia. For him, it was just another adventure that he was having all his life in forests, villages, mines and elsewhere in Siberia.

For Edith, living with Alex is her topmost priority. While virtually Alex takes her to his Adventure land in Siberia, she finds their steamy love-nest in Israel the best.


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