Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Nothing To Regret by Tanya Dias @Leadstart_P #BookReview

"Out beyond the fields of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." That is the crux of this fascinating story of 'Nothing To Regret' by Tanya Dias and Leadstart Publishing. That field which is beyond wrongdoing and right-doing leave you with nothing to regret. But, provided you are able to reach there in your lifetime. It is where you don't repent anything. Whether somebody did wrong intentionally to change your lifestream and not let you get what you deserve. Whether it is all about the right you did all your life and still are not able to get what you could or rather should have. Or it is about nothingness or emptiness in your life that evolves because somebody who had to occupy that precious space in your life never came to claim that position for whatsoever reason.
 Nothing to Regret

The story of 'Nothing To Regret' by Tanya Dias is fabulous with a lot of surprises in store for the reader. For me, the climax was beyond imagination. I am sure, it will be true for every reader unless somebody is reading it again. The story has a rhythm and music of its own. The music is a combination of sadness and hope. The protagonist, Anu, is forced to become an explorer to find out some realities of life and form a different perspective altogether after witnessing those realities that nobody is aware of in their family. Anu's Ajji (maternal grandmother) is diagnosed with deadly cancer and she requests Anu to travel to Europe (Italy, France, and finally to London) to perform some particular set of tasks for her. Since Ajji, Juliet, is serious and has very little time left, Anu accepts her invitation

Anu (Ananya) travels to Europe all alone to explore her Ajji's past and explore something that is unknown so far. I find it a worth reading story that takes you a little closer to life. The story, in my opinion, qualifies well to create a classic movie. It is an impactful story.

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