Thursday, September 29, 2016

My First Anniversary, #KareenaAnniversarySurprise and #MalabarGoldAndDiamonds 

Special days are always for sweet memories in life. But it all depends on an individual. Like how you ensure no to forget some special dates in life. And thus create sweetest possible moments out of it. I keep a track of birthdays and anniversaries of near and dear ones in life. And never forget to wish and gift them appropriately. But I was not like this before. The credit goes to an incident to bring this transformation in my life. In fact, I was quite casual, carefree, and fun-loving character during my college days. Rather I was like this even many years after completing my studies. Old habits die hard. So was the case with me even after marriage.

Heading technology in a corporate is not fun. That was the reason I was quite serious about the job. And as we know, IT job is quite time-consuming. You never know the time to leave your office even after working hours. Despite your best efforts at the office, there are issues to address with bare minimum downtime for end users, servers, internet links or network. But in all this hustle and bustle you lose track on the other side. The other side is home. And you tire so much from office work to forget. It was a blunder from my end. In the morning of my first anniversary. And her thoughts were lodestone. I really repent  at times why my marriage anniversary falls in the last week of March. That is the end of financial year for corporate. And definitely is the most crucial period.

In short, my data center at the office that caters to all our global offices stopped responding a day before. I had to rush quite early in the morning while she was asleep. The things at the office were not fully under control by night. Therefore I had to stay to ensure everything gets right by morning. The day was in my mind and the date too. I was sure to reach home before noon and was dreaming about a romantic day out with her. But probably destiny had something else in store for me. The data center was up by morning with the support of service partner. But one of our sales office around 200 km away was now out of the response. They were not able to connect to our data center and hence I had to rush there. It was quite tense and critical as well. And in all this madness I even forgot to call at home and wish her our anniversary. I was under the impression she will understand my condition and call. She was testing my love for her. And God was testing I don’t know what and why.

By late evening we could revive connectivity between my sales office and data center. And then I could remember the blunder. I was wondering about the status of  connectivity between the two of us. The only thing I could think of  was to rush to a premium jewelry shop, buy something unique for her. And then rush home. A call to her before reaching home would not suffice any purpose. But then another bright idea came. I called my friend who lives hardly five kilometers away from our house. And his family is in the jewelry business for last 30 years. A call to him was the ultimate option.

I was on my way back home and was around 40 km away from home when I got a message on my phone that the job is over. It was from the same friend. I immediately called heart home to wish her. Her tone was emotional rather than  being harsh. Because one of the best and costliest diamond studded  jewellery set was in her hands. Along with a lovely message from my end. And fir our yet to come baby. I understood that every woman on this earth likes two things – surprises and diamond. That was the first and last time I dare to forget our anniversary because of whatsoever reason.

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