Monday, July 18, 2016

PLATOMAR Launches A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

We have seen traditional hoardings, banners, billboards, newspaper advertisements, magazine ads, leaflets or pamphlets for years. How effective have these been if compared to the amount of investment? The study shows effective measurement in above cases is very cumbersome and probably practically impossible. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost is the wastage. If you see there is more than 50% wastage in the newspaper, pamphlets, and magazine advertisements. It goes much higher to a value of almost 70% or more in the case of its sibling process of advertising like Hoarding, Banners, and Digital Displays. That is where PLATOMAR (short form of Place to Market) has come out with a unique and innovative way of OOH (Out of Home) Advertising. The costs involved in this newly introduced process is much lower than in all other means of advertising mentioned above. And on top of it, the new way has a lot more positives.

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

While the legacy means of advertising have very low exposure time thus resulting into least productive results, this method from PLATOMAR has proved to attain higher exposure time without imposing it on the consumer or prospective consumer. The new method is based on an effective network of more than 1500 distribution centers across Delhi NCR that focuses on desired target audience depending on the advertiser and product/service. These target audiences include more active people in life stream like students, families, or office goers rather than targeting anyone

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

The primary medium of advertising by PLATOMAR is paper cups and paper bags. This technique provides longer exposure time (almost as much as 8-10 minutes). The guaranteed exposure leads to higher brand recall as compared to all other means of advertising. This is also ensured through the company's efficient distribution strategy. The costs involved are much lower, as low as 70% if compared to other ad campaigns. It results in wider but effective coverage as it focuses on specific SEC targeting thus ensuring effective and focused brand reach. The process enabled by near to real-time distribution helps in updating analytics in an effective manner on the portal for each campaign. It helps an advertiser to understand the extent of reach and effectiveness.

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

Overall, it seems to be quite an innovative way of OOH from PLATOMAR.

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