Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Technology in Design, Fashion Shows, and more at Pearl Portfolio 2016

Technology in Design has evolved in a big way

Technology in Design plays a major role in fashion industry

Technology in Design entrusts clarity of purpose and communication

Technology has come a long way ever since its evolution. Technology in design plays a major role in fashion, design and creative industry. Technology in design entrusts clarity of purpose and communication in that regard. The three days of Pearl Portfolio 2016 were filled with fun, serious discussions, world class fashion shows, and an amazing announcement regarding tie up with FDCI. The roundup of day one has already been covered in my previous post. Let us talk now about the important, engrossing, and entertaining events that happened on day two and three of Pearl Portfolio 2016 at NSIC exhibition grounds, Okhla during May 6-8. The conclusion came with a great announcement regarding first ever association of FDCI with Pearl Academy. What this means is something unique for faculty and students of one of the top fashion institutes of India. Technology in design has a big say in every course being offered here.

 Technology in Design, Fashion Shows, and more at Pearl Portfolio 2016

Day two began with Design Immersion Workshops where kids from various schools had insights on various aspects of what they will gain if they join such courses to build their career in this stream. It was followed by SoD Industry Meet and the topic of the day was “Technology in Design”. Two hours of this panel discussion were quit engaging, mindful and thought-provoking. Speakers came out with various ideas on the value of technology in design. It was emphasized that before embedding any kind of technology in a design, the purpose of design must be very clear. Once a product (or service) is designed, a right message should go to end consumer (or user) about the purpose, usage, and benefits of that design. The day ended with a couple of fashion shows. The creativity, professionalism, perfection, and delivery was at its peak. Each perfectly designed dress presented by various models was well cheered by the parents, students, and guests present at the event.

 Technology in Design, Fashion Shows, and more at Pearl Portfolio 2016

Day three started with Award Distribution Ceremony. The SoD Industry Meet panel discussion talked further on various aspects of design like emotions, art, science, technology, social, etc. It was followed by two fashion shows. The grand finale fashion show at the end of the day was phenomenal and was amazing in terms of creativity and design. Another landmark is achieved in the history of Pearl Academy when the management of the institute announced a first ever in India association with FDCI (Fashion Design council of India) that will transform not only the professional life of students but also of the faculty. Technology in design will bring a new meaning now.

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