Wednesday, May 18, 2016

She's One of Those by Shashank Kumar – Book Review: Too Loose To Digest

She's One of Those by Shashank Kumar is a lighthearted fiction romance that lets you go along the story with no serious thrust on morale or some concrete conclusions. The story is about a young engineering student Ashutosh who decides to quit studies in between to build his career in music world that he is passionate about. Ashutosh leaves Delhi and moves to Bangaluru to pursue his dreams of becoming a blues professional. The life is though full of struggle for Ashutosh but still he finds time not only to maintain girl friends but also have full enjoyment with them to an extent of having sex with them.

She's One of Those by Shashank Kumar – Book Review: Too Loose To Digest

Characterization in the story of She's One of Those by Shashank Kumar is weak and probably because of the changing lifestyle of the younger generation. Sex and virginity seems to have no value. Surprisingly, with no value to sex, healthy relationship, and virginity, the story talks about sincerity in relationships that is beyond imagination. The depth and gravity of seriousness is missing in story as well as characters. Probably it is more of a memoir being reported through a story rather than a strongly created storyline. Otherwise how Ashutosh stays innocent while his girl friends Nadia and Ruhi are supposed to live with guilt. It seems every character in this story has no moral values except Dr Jayanti whom Ruhi's elder sister Juhi wanted Ruhi to marry. Ruhi had no interest in either of the two – Jayanti or Ashutosh. Still she does not mind going in bed with Ashutosh. Nadia, Ashutosh's ex-girlfriend Nadia too seems to be a flirty, let-go-free kind of girl with no plans to settle but enjoy life to its fullest to an extent of no-limits, no-bars. I didn't like the story for two reasons – there is no depth in the story or characterization, and there is no takeaway from it. In fact, it might be a spoiler in innocent youth lives leading them to live guilt-free and sex-full life with anyone.

I would rate it 2 on a scale of 5. The first half of the book is so loosely written that even if you keep skipping pages and paragraphs regularly, it will not matter at all. In fact, there is no story building up during the first 100 pages of the book She's One of Those by Shashank Kumar. The writing style is good provided backed by a strong storyline and character building. Probably next time author needs to focus more on the objective clearly thus accordingly palying with his objects and subjects in the story.

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