Friday, May 13, 2016

Digital India Vision: iBall's Digital Revolution with Laptop for Rs10k

iBall advances Digital India Vision launching laptop for Rs10k

iBall's Digital Revolution starts with Windows 10 laptop for just Rs10k

First time in India iBall with Microsoft and Intel to advance Digital India Vision

iBall joins hands with Microsoft and India to advance Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India Vision by beginning Digital Revolution with the launch of Windows 10 laptop for Rs10k. Rather the price tag is Rs. 9,999. iBall is best known for its innovative approach in bringing latest technology products. Their strategic association with ecosystem front-runners Intel and Microsoft provides an edge to spark digital revolution in India with launch of iBall CompBook as a sub-brand of iBall bringing launch of its latest category laptops that are most affordable without any compromise with technology or quality. The offering price of Rs 9,999 only is definitely a new revolution in the laptop segment to promote Digital India Vision. Laptop for Rs10k earmarks a digital revolution in India.
Digital India Vision: iBall's Digital Revolution with Laptop for Rs10k

The two variants of iBall CompBook are 11.6” Excelance and 14” Exemplaire. Iball CompBook Excelance with 11.6” (29.4 cm) display is tagged for Rs. 9,999 while iBall CompBook Exemplaire 14” (35.8 cm) is priced at Rs. 13,999 only for the end user. The concept behind this launch is to enable everyone to own a laptop without much burden on the pocket and at the same time running with the latest technology from two topmost technology partners – Intel and Microsoft. The attempt goes in line with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India initiative so as to shrink the gap between devices having high prices in the market and consumer needs & expectations.
Digital India Vision: iBall's Digital Revolution with Laptop for Rs10k

This Digital revolution initiative will definitely bring in the power to empower reshaping and realigning the social landscape by presenting the first of its own kind laptop in India to get the experience of Intel and Microsoft, with the best from both the giants, at an amazingly affordable price. The offer fits well for the needs of a home user, student, professional, small office, startup, bulk requirement of large offices and corporate. So basically it covers the complete range starting from a student to a business user.

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