Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dermatech Launches 360 Degrees Body Shaping Services in Delhi

In the arena of beauty and aesthetic wellness, Dermatech brings body shaping services

Dermatech brings innovative body shaping services in its Delhi clinics

Dermatech's body shaping services provide effective solutions for excessive body fat

Dermatech launches 360 degrees body shaping services in its Delhi clinics to provide technologically rich effective solution for customers struggling with body fat. Dermatech is a proven name in the arena of beauty and aesthetic wellness solutions. The solution is quite innovative and has been launched to make a significant impact in the area of beauty and aesthetic wellness. Dermatech believes if you make your customer satisfied, you stay motivated in your business. With the transformational value addition with the launch of its 360 degree body shaping services, it is bound to increase its already expansive footprint of extremely satisfied customers even further.
Dermatech Launches 360 Degrees Body Shaping Services in Delhi

360 degree body shaping is an innovative and encompassing process where the focus is on reducing the body weight, but also on getting the body in a perfect shape thenceforth along with improvement in the health of your skin. We shall be looking at these technologies adopted by Clinic Dermatech to ensure the body shaping results that its customers would expect:

Beautytek is the system that enables the body to reshape itself by empowering in the body's natural and most powerful mechanism for self-healing or self-repair thus restoring it in health and wellbeing. The customer is laid back on a couch and the Beautytek process ensures rest is taken care of. This is a painless and non-invasive body shaping mechanism given in combination with a few other select therapies like Radio Frequency (Bipolar). The RF therapy re-tightens and realigns the skin of the face and body, facial wrinkles and the dilated pores. There are specialists at each Dermatech clinic for this purpose A combination of infrared light with electromagnetic high frequenct waves is applied to work best for weight loss and thereby resulting in body sculpting.
Dermatech Launches 360 Degrees Body Shaping Services in Delhi

Ultrasonic Caviation & Galvanic is another subset of Beautytek. This therapy disperses fuel retention, encourages lymph circulation and drainage, and stimulates blood circulation. In the process of losing weight and achieving overall lightness.With this a prominent enhancement is visible in skin health as well.
Dermatech Launches 360 Degrees Body Shaping Services in Delhi

Dermatech is celebrating the achievements of empowered women this Women's Day and thus at Clinic Dermatech you get a whooping 51% discount on 360 degrees shaping services along with a number of other services available there. The offer is there only for a fixed duration and can be availed only through prior appointments. Dermatech has a number of accolades to boast about. It received higher Customer Satisfaction in Laser Hair Reduction 2016, Best Skin Care Clinic 2013 (Delhi), Most Promising Skin Care Clinic in Delhi, Quality & Excellence Award 2015 (in cosmetic dermatology services), and Best Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic 2014 (Delhi/NCR), to mention a few.

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