Sunday, March 06, 2016

Women Discrimination Highlighted In Australian Media by Women In Media

Women discrimination and sexual harassment in Australian Media

Women discrimination a major concern in Australian Media

Women discrimination resulting from sexual abuse in Australian Media

Women discrimination and sexual harassment have been highlighted in Australian media. IT is a major concern. There is sexual harassment and abuse and we are talking about women empowerment all across the globe. Women’s Day is just a day away. All efforts are in vain till we don’t achieve gender equality. More than 50% women who work in Australian media have reported bullying, exploitation or sexual harassment. This is the result of a landmark survey reported recently in a news. Out of the women who confirmed to be the victim, more than 40% confirmed it happened on social media where they engage with their audiences. The cases of bullying, harassment, and abuse stretched from mild to severe. In some of the cases reported there were even death threats and similar serious intimidations.
A number of women working in Australian media had to either put a halt to their career or change their profession because of increasing women discrimination. The survey was part of the Mates over Merit - a report on the women working in media organized by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA). Almost a thousand Australian media professional women were surveyed during the last quarter of the previous year. The situation is stated not to be healthy in this field. Merits are shadowed by mates, sexual harassment and abuse are overlooked, salary gaps are widening based on gender and a lot more instances like this.

Women in new and media are facing serious impacts of women discrimination. The gender bias is increasing, resulting in frustration in Australian media. There are no visible efforts seen in improvements. The progress is almost negligible. Although the ratio of women working in media is increasing, but so is the number of such cases. Hope to see some improvement in this area. Maybe Australian government can look around and find out some solutions to relieve women from sexual harassment. 

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