Monday, February 15, 2016

Why Men Judge Women Based On Their Looks?

Why Men’s judgement of women is based on their looks?

Why should women bother about other’s judgement?

There is a deep impact on women’s growth and progress when men judge women based on their looks.

A recent study by Nielsen India conducted on behalf of Nihar Naturals reveals that almost 75% of women confirmed facing more judgements on their looks and clothes than the non-working. Why men judge women based on their looks? ? Is it a sheer pastime or a deeply rooted syndrome on men’s part? Why would men be interested focusing on what women wear or how they look rather than their work potential and talent? Is it merely a gimmick to downgrade and deviate women at work? Is it a well-planned tactics to oppress women so that they don’t excel in their career and leave men behind? Is there a deep psychological reason behind this? Is it planted in a man’s mind right at his childhood to play this kind of tactics in all walks of life? Is it taught a woman right at her childhood to stay focused on what men think and talk about her rather than build herself and career? After all, why should a woman bother about men’s judgement on her looks and appearance? Why be it on the top of her priority list to ensure whatever she does in life has to be in line with a focus on pleasing men around her?

Why Men Judge Women Based On Their Looks?
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Around 1/3rd of the women confirmed that that maximum number of judgements on them come from the men from their family, extended family and friends rather than it coming from strangers. More than half of the women who were part of this survey agreed that the judgements passed on them have a deeper impact on their life. It impacts so hard that their abilities to reach their actual calibre get shrunk. When around 70% of men opined that their judgement of women is entirely on the basis of their looks, it reflects there is a contagious and universal fault in our system. Who is to be blamed for this? Is it woman as a mother who teaches her children about this? Is it our male dominated society that doesn't want to lose their reigns and just out of fear of this ensure keep this virus intact? Are we living in a sick society? How to address this global issue is a point to ponder.

The facts that are revealed are not merely based on experience but statistics. The statistics have come out on the basis of the survey conducted on real men and women of the society. Imagine if we were free of this sickness, how far women would have reached with their true potential? In fact, the growth of a woman always impacts on the growth of a family. That, in turn, has a further impact on society. A country’s overall growth depends on how soon we kill this virus and make our country and world disease free.

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