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Rules of Life - Be a Lifelong Learner

Various steps to become a fantastico lifelong learner by following rules of life

To be a lifelong learner, you need to follow some rules of life

Lifelong learning is a continuous process. Be a fantastico in it.

If you want to be a fantastico lifelong learner you have to travel in a special boat. This boat never stops its journey. On this journey, you have to follow some rules that help you in lifelong learning. These rules are rules of life. Focus on three fundamental things in life – Reading, Learning and Connecting.
Rules of Life - Be a Lifelong Learner
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When it comes to reading you have to two options – print books and online content. Printed books will never die from the market. The trend will stay forever. Whatever technology advancements take place the charm of reading a physical book stays alive. It gives a satisfaction. The physical touch of a book, reading it at your own leisure time, in your own style are the advantages. Bookmarks and folding the page where you stop reading are still the trends. Possession of a good book in your library is still liked. I have a big collection of books. I love reading since childhood. In fact, the shift from comic books to serious content happened at quite an early stage in my life. I started reading heavy literature in my school age. By the time I reached in my teens, I developed a habit of writing. It was writing anything. I wrote a diary, poetry and what not. The passion of writing never died out. It is still alive and am sure will stay alive. In last few years, I have developed a habit of reading digital content. I download books and other content to read it offline on my mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. Reading it on a mobile device gives you a freedom of reading it on the move. I read a lot of online stuff on blogs, forums, portals, social media etc. It gives you instant and fresh information in almost real-time. That is fantastic.

Rules of Life - Be a Lifelong Learner
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Whatever I do, I keep my learning receptors intact and alive. There is a learning in everything we do. Victories are definitely for celebrations but learning is also very important from any feats. Most important is learning from mistakes and failures. It is important to learn the crux and gain momentum to ensure no mistake and failure in the next attempt. There are various ways to learn. Learning comes through questioning, listening, researching, viewing, thinking, assessing, experiencing, and reading.
Rules of Life - Be a Lifelong Learner
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Connecting with new people and visiting new places open new avenues for you in life. It is like reading a new book. It is like generating a new thought process. It is like opening doors for new learning. Connecting brings creativity. Connecting means engaging. It brings collaborative approaches. It teaches you to cooperate. If you really want to be a fantastico lifelong learner you have to adopt these basic rules of life. Remember that lifelong learning never ends. 
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