Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NASA and Made In Space unveil 3D Space Printer

NASA and Made In Space bring a revolution with launch of Space Printer

Made in Space, a NASA-funded start-up developed this 3D Space Printer

3D Space printer produced by NASA and Made in Space is a major breakthrough

Made in Space is a start-up engaged in the production of innovative technology products. It is funded by NASA. 3D Space Printer is a phenomenal breakthrough in the earth-space arena. This amazing space printer has been produced by NASA and Made in Space. Imagine the cost and time constraints for sending spare parts for the astronauts deployed on the International Space Station (ISS). The best way of getting things there in the easiest possible manner is to get the things generated there. Create it in space as and when it is required. Otherwise sending it from earth to space is going to absorb the exorbitant cost for even an item of negligible weight or cost. Survival in space is possible only if we are able to create or build things there without any dependency on Earth. Development of space printer is one such step in this direction. This significant development was announced by NASA at its research park in Silicon Valley.

NASA and Made In Space unveil 3D Space Printer
Photo via Visualhunt
On March 23, a miraculous thing will happen in the International Space Station (ISS). That is the plan shared by NASA and Made in Space in their recent announcement while explaining the new 3D space printer. There are six crew members in the ISS. This printer will help them in making spare parts. They will be free to use it further for some innovative solutions. This will be a kind of mini-factory in space. A factory that will produce anything you want. It will be a manufacturing unit in space. A prototype of this 3D space printer has already been shared with the ISS crew. The new model that is reaching them on March 23 will be a fully functional device. The project undertaken by NASA and Made in Space will take its shape in reality that day.

NASA and Made In Space unveil 3D Space Printer
Photo via Visual hunt

The wonderful concept is whatever you want to send in ISS, it will be sent digitally to space. Andrew Rush, CEO of Made in Space is quite excited while making this announcement. The launch of 3D Space Printer is dream come true for NASA and Made in Space.

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