Sunday, February 07, 2016

Impact of Content in The Life Of A Blogger and Susan Sontag

Impact of content is phenomenal in a blogger’s life

Impact of Content has to align well with the intent

If all art forms reduce to mere content, it will have a serious impact – Susan Sontag

If every form of art reduces to mere content, what will be the impact? Will it be a painful journey for the artist? Is idea of content becoming a hindrance? Has content reached to a level of barbarism? Has content created a nuisance in a blogger’s life? Is it too delicate to handle? Is it not at all a delicate entity? What is the actual impact of content in the life of a blogger? We all know that the internet is overloaded with content. When you create a content, try to estimate its intent meter. The intent of what you are writing must not overshoot the actual writing. It has to gel well. The intent and the content have to go hand in hand. A point to ponder is if the content has become derisive? Have you become a part of the rat race thus compromising your thought process with the content you are producing? Has content become merely a material? Is it losing its dignity? How serious the impact of content is? Wondering if blogging has become a mechanical process. How do you correlate the content you create (or generate) with life? Do you get inspired to write and produce quality content? How deep you imbibe your convictions in the content you create? Some of the grave concerns have been raised by Susan Sontag.
Impact of Content in The Life Of A Blogger and Susan Sontag
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Susan Sontag has expressed quite serious issues related to the impact of content. The impact of content in the life of a blogger is not far from these thoughts. If blogging is a work of art in the world of a blogger, it has to be given prime importance. Is the content curated on the internet interpreted as per the intent of the blogger or writer? If there is a big gap between what a blogger or writer intends to express in his or her content and how it gets interpreted by the readers, it is a point of grave concern. What is the reason that a content of great quality goes unnoticed? How many times it gets treated as meaningless although it has been written so seriously. Has content itself become a genre? How do you align the content of content and the intent of content? Is it so high valued content that you curate treated as of no value by others? Shockingly, there is a lot of content that flows on the internet in its pure form but it goes appalled in terms of its interpretation or meaning.
Impact of Content in The Life Of A Blogger and Susan Sontag
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The impact of content in the life of a blogger has gone to a substantial extent. Susan Sontag has touched upon various aspects of the content that gets generated on the internet. The size of content is increasing at a tremendous speed on the internet. It has created a lot of problems. There is a lot of uncultured or irrelevant content that is being created. Although no one wants this sort of content but still the freedom over the internet is the mother of this kind of content. Is the content being curated balanced well with the demand? Are both sides – the content generators and content readers are in sync?

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