Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Free Glamulet Valentine DIY Charms To Impact Your Beauty #Glamulet

An international giveaway from Glamulet – Free Valentine DIY Charms

Get a chance to design and share your own unique charm on Glamulet

Glamulet celebrating a month of love with free special valentine DIY Charms

Free Glamulet Valentine DIY Charms To Impact Your Beauty

If you are a woman you must be interested in this. Glamulet is celebrating the month of love that is February by giving away free special valentine DIY charms. Now you can get a chance to design your own unique charm, share it, and get a chance to win it in real from Glamulet. This is a great chance to impact your beauty and win a fabulous DIY charm from a global brand of repute. I will guide you to follow simple steps to get your personalized free special valentine DIY charm from Glamulet. But before that let us know about the brand.

Free Glamulet Valentine DIY Charms To Impact Your Beauty

Glamulet was established in 2014. Its mission is to offer every woman on this earth a new range of elegant, stylish and trendy jewelry at an affordable cost. The Charms Brand Glamulet trusts that every woman has a right to express herself in her own unique style. This is because when a woman is able to express herself in her own unique style she feels and looks pretty in a natural manner. And when a woman looks and feels pretty, her primary goal is achieved. Glamulet design glamorous and elegant Charms and Bracelets. They maintain quality by using the high-class material to manufacture these trendy Charms and Bracelets. A woman can visit their website during this campaign to mix and match the Charms while creating her own stylish Bracelet. The customized Charms and Bracelet will speak each contestant’s unique style and elegance.

Free Glamulet Valentine DIY Charms To Impact Your Beauty

Let us have a look at the campaign. It is quite simple and with no strings attached. It is a real fun in fact. To celebrate the love month, Glamulet is providing a chance to all women for creating their customized Valentine’s DIY charms. You will enjoy and have fun while designing your own special charm set for February. It can be designed to showcase love featuring friendship, lovers or family relationship. Let is speak to your elegance and style with a charming impact on your beauty. The process is quite simple. You have to visit the DIY page on Glamulet website. Here you have plenty of options to unleash your creativity. You can mix and match the Charms as per your own style and preference thus giving it a personalized look. The customized Glamulet valentine DIY Charm that you design can be yours if you win. All you have to do is to create your unique charm set and share in your social pages. Get as many votes for your design. Basically, you have to follow 3 steps as mentioned below to win your own designed Glamulet Valentine DIY charm:

Free Glamulet Valentine DIY Charms To Impact Your Beauty

  1. Register here.
  2. Click and design your own charm here.
  3. Promote your own design through your Facebook page and other social media.
  4. Encourage your friends and family to visit Glamulet promotional page to vote for your design and share.
The top 20 best designers getting the highest count of votes and shares will be declared as winners at the end of the campaign. All 20 winners will get the charm they designed in their own style and liking. So hurry to get your free special valentine DIY charms. These DIY charms from Glamulet is actually a unique concept. Glamulet valentine DIY charms are just for the love month that is February. It might be free for you if you are lucky and thus getting an impact on your elegance and style.

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