Monday, February 15, 2016

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Lead To A New Era Of Astronomy

Gravitational waves from black holes are opening new chapters.

Understanding of Gravity will be much clearer with these Gravitational Waves.

The new study of Gravitational Waves in relation to black holes is done by Ligo Collaboration

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Lead To A New Era Of Astronomy
Photo credit: Pensive glance via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

A new study conducted and concluded by Ligo Collaboration is being seen as a major breakthrough in Astronomy. Scientists claim that this is a spectacular discovery in order to understand gravity beyond what has been established so far. The discovery will lead to a new era of Astronomy. Discovery of gravitational waves in context to black holes is an extraordinary achievement. A distortion of space-time originating from the collision of two black holes has been observed. The collision took place about a billion light-years from Earth thereby causing the resulting distortion of space-time. A large team of international scientists was working on this research. The first finding of these gravitational waves will escort these scientists on a fresh journey for astronomy. The conclusion has arrived after a number of years of study and brainstorming. The research study has been published by Lego Collaboration in Physical Review Letters journal.

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Lead To A New Era Of Astronomy
Photo credit: Neal3K via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND
Ligo Collaboration operates from various countries where they have set advances labs for the purpose of research. The study is done by shooting fire lasers in the space and observing the effects in space-time. The signals received were very clear and refined in order to arrive at the conclusions. The collision of two black holes resulting from their merger was studied by the Ligo facilities in the US. The merger emitted pure gravitational energy that equalled to three times of Sun’s mass. This is the first time a clear communication has taken place between earth and the Universe in the form of gravitational waves. The discovery passes the qualifying criteria for a Nobel and deserves it by all means.

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Lead To A New Era Of Astronomy
Photo credit: Landahlauts via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA
What Einstein discovered 100 years back is being observed in a practical and clear manner. Gravitational waves have a direct connect with the Theory of General Relativity. Although scientifically inferences in this regard had been drawn but real detection has happened now. Forceful events like collision of two black holes result from their merger and disturbances in the space-time spectrum have been observed clearly for the first time. When heavy bodies fast-track resulting into waves that transmit at the speed of light, it could be due to high end collision and merger.

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Lead To A New Era Of Astronomy
Photo credit: @Doug88888 via / CC BY-NC-SA

Prof Stephen Hawking is an expert on black holes. According to him this discovery is a great revolution in astronomy. Gravitational waves have opened a new chapter in understanding the Universe. This is the first time these have been identified so clearly and with complete detail. In fact there would be studies conducted in the past behaviours of space and heavy bodies. This is just a beginning of a new journey towards understanding space and galactic bodies with much more clarity. This will lead to a number of further revelations about our Universe in relationship to the planet Earth. This has been a fantastico discovery.

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