Sunday, January 10, 2016

Punishment without Crime by Al Strans: A Story That Grasps You To Think

Punishment without Crime by Al Strans is about love and revenge.  It touches the darker side of human nature. It talks about lust and blind attraction. Such kind of attraction draws towards illegal and scandalous affair leading to crime, distrust and betrayal. The story of Punishment without Crime revolves around two families. The interesting story of this book will keep you hooked to the book.

Punishment without Crime by Al Strans: A Story That Grasps You To Think

Al Strans has strength in his writing to engage with his readers emotionally. His readers get engaged and engrossed in the story. I liked the way Camilla Blan’s character has been presented to project her as a super-hot, sexy, and wild young French girl. As the story evolved, you will find her beautiful, yet not a likable character. She is elegant but is always eccentric and self-centered. She keeps her desires on top of everything else. She is the daughter of a very prosperous and popular Parisian businessman. She has been presented as a woman with a strong personality but filled with a lot of negative desires and emotions.

The story of Punishment without Crime has been woven quite well by Al Strans. Camilla is the one whose deeds lead her to scandals and negative exposures. At 16, she meets Professor Albert Frischhoff. Albert hails from Israel and carries a scholarly personality. Camila gets attracted to Albert who is almost double of her age. She has never learned to go back once she decides on something. She forces Albert to succumb to her beauty but gradually the physical attraction does not last long between the two. Albert finds himself far away from Camila intellectually and this leads to a big gap between the two. Camila gives birth to Regina. I liked the story filled with a lot of intense moments. It also covers multiple generations hence presenting a larger frame.

The thing that I didn’t like is the over-intense sequences that are built as the story matures. At some point of time, it became quite complex and difficult to absorb. But gradually as you proceed further, the engrossing story takes you out of it. Punishment without Crime by Al Strans is a must read for readers liking intense stories having a lot of twists.
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