Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fee Hike by Private Schools In Delhi

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Private unaided schools in Delhi on DDA land. The fee hike by private schools in Delhi.

Private unaided schools allotted DDA land can't hike fees without permission. Fee hike by private schools in Delhi has to be controlled, monitored and audited.

The latest ruling from High Court Delhi ruled that private unaided schools acquiring DDA land will can't hike fees without permission from the government. There are around 500 such schools in Delhi. These schools got a huge land from DDA (Delhi Development Authority) at a very nominal cost. There are certain norms under which these schools get this land at such a minuscule cost. These norms are agreed by the schools. Only then they are allotted this land. Private unaided schools in Delhi on DDA land is a big number. As of now adherence to the norms is not very closely monitored. Fee hike by private schools in Delhi is a common phenomenon.

Fee Hike by Private Schools In Delhi

There needs to be a strict monitoring process to monitor and audit these schools. Parents of children studying in these schools have no say in fee hike by the schools. Awareness also is an issue. How many parents would be knowing about these norms? Every parent needs to know about it. There has to be a mechanism. Transparency is the key. Every parent must have a right to check if the school has received government's approval.

Fee Hike by Private Schools In Delhi

The High Court ruling in this regard has come to a big relief for the parents of students studying in these schools. As of now these schools impose fee hike as and when they want. But this ruling assumes to change this scenario. The important factor is the government mechanism. It is important that government has a strong mechanism of control and audit. Any school violating this ruling must be heavily penalized. Point is that these schools will still be able to shell of money from parents. This might not come as a fee hike but as other components. It all depends on government how they plan to control it. A self-declaration by all such schools on a regular basis is important. This declaration can be made mandatory to publish on their website. Every school must publish all the fee and other components they charge from the parents for the education of their children.
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