Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantastico and Rambow - A Short Story

A short story about Rambow, Shabrey, and Fantastico

When am I getting my new Fantastico delivered

How Rambow reached Jungle and his new Fantastico got delivered?

When Rambow, our protagonist, woke up that morning he found himself in a jungle. He pinched himself to confirm if it was a reality. He could feel the pain. That means it was not a dream. He was shocked. How had he reached the jungle? Yesterday night he slept properly, well in time, in his own room, on his own bed. Then how come was he here. He was wondering and trying to recollect if anything strange happened during the night. He was wondering what Shabrey would be doing at home. What would be her reaction when she finds her husband missing?

Rambow and Shabrey were married for last decade. Ten years, a fantastic job, a cute homemaker wife, two children. What else would he ask for? He always felt a strange feeling coming from within. This was happening right since his childhood. He used to think himself as a unique creature. And when he married Shabrey he found her unique too.  For a change, she was a charismatic woman in his life. Rambow thought he had been selfish in his life, always expecting more than he deserved. And by the grace of God, he always got more than what he expected. Shabrey was very happy two days back when Rambow gifted her an iPad on her birthday. Was it food or the new iPad that Shabrey could not stop belching the whole day?

With the thought of iPad Rambow tried to locate his phone in his pockets. What is this? He found the device in his pocket but the size varied from his own phone. Whose device is it? He took it out and found it was the same iPad he had bought for Shabrey. He got totally confused now. He dialled his number from the iPhone. Somebody picked it up instantly and asked whom did I want to talk to? I asked who was the guy on the other side? He said he was Rambow. What nonsense? If that guy is Rambow, then who is he? He hunted for a mirror but there was zero possibility of finding a mirror in a jungle. He found a crystal clear pond nearby. He bent down and tried to see his face. It was not his face. It was a face of an elephant. He was still connected to his phone. He asked the guy to let him talk to Shabrey. And he heard Sahbrey’s voice asking who he was and why he wanted to talk to her.

He closed his eyes in dismay. He got totally hopeless. He didn’t have a single clue what to do now. All of a sudden he found someone shaking him abruptly. He tried to open his eyes. He saw Shabrey bent over him, her eyes widened and spots of worry on her face. Why are you not waking up for so long? I am calling you again and again and telling you to get up. Your new car has arrived. The delivery guy is on the door to deliver your Fantastico. Get up and move out to collect the keys.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.
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